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"What a Wonderful Variety!"
The wonderful world of coloring pages on the internet is here with a vast collection of images to choose from. Save time and print your images from here - don't go down to the store.

Go down to your local book store and you will find a great selection of coloring books, but you can get them right here! Free!

Print on quality paper
So get ALL you coloring pages free by printing them out from your computer. The beauty of printing your own is that you can print on a quality paper and preserve your child's creativity. Don't use those poor quality copy sheets; they'll go yellow before sundown—unless of course it is only a practice run.

For a child's early development
Coloring pages is a pretty good introduction to your child's early development in the visual field; it can be art, paper sculpting, crafting various things and getting her into communication with her surroundings. Ever noticed how your child will be coloring in and then stare at some object in the room for a moment, then carry on coloring again? He or she may not be coloring in that particular object but will have a picture in her mind's eye of what she wants to express. Yes, it does help.

What NOT to do
"Mommy, what color shall I paint the sun?" You could say "Well, the sun's color is yellow" and that would be a mistake. It is best to say "What color do you think the sun is?" All too often parents and teachers love to tell the young ones how something should be; what color it should be. Please don't.

What kind of creativity do you want for your child?
There are digital pages or sheets online where your child can drop color in digitally as you can in many photo-editing software. This is another no-no unless your child is a computer geek or is on the road to becoming one. There is little or no creativity in dropping color in an enclosed area as you can do with a paint bucket tool. It is best to use crayons or markers. Unless of course she wants to create cartoon animations.

It's not necessary to be restricted by outlines
Please write to me about your child's creativity and if you have any problems, I'd be glad to help. Go to the contact form on the Navigation bar and send me an email. Thank you.

A Variety of Creative Coloring Pages Below

Cool Abstracts

Your abstract coloring pages can be anything you like but not if it can be seen as something you see every day. If you can only just perceive it as being something like a car then it begins to fall into the category of being abstract art. You create images in your viewers eyes which makes your abstracts far more interesting.

Abstract Coloring Pages With A Difference

These Abstract Coloring images are different from the ones above as you will see as they have been in my sketch book for years. You can create an abstract image of almost anything from nature and make it into an abstract painting (it helps if you have pixel editing software.)

Cute Angels to Color in.

Angels come in all shapes, sizes, some fat others slim, some have wings or they can be disguised as ordinary mortals like you and me. So your next door neighbor may well be an angel! It is often said they can be in human form, full of laughter and good deeds. These lovely angels are often seen in religious paintings and they are all pretty much like humans don't you think? These angels can appear to be quite goofy at times so don't be fooled if they happen to like a bit of fun.

Animals of All Shapes and Sizes

There are thousands of animals for you to color in. Your favorite animal may be right here on these pages below - Perhaps a dinosaur or two, some well-rounded llamas who are vaugely related to the camels (without the hump) or even some alien creature. There are a few insect-like animals, half insect, half beast but they're all good fun to color in.

Keep on Your Toes With Ballet Coloring Pages.

Ballet dancers pictures can be a lot of fun to color in and can be quite creative also. You can make your dancers glow with contrasty colors to create quite a hit with your friends. Do you know how to use contrasty colors? If you scan down on the Site Map you will see a link to creating some fabulous color schemes. If you can get a "color wheel" showing all the primary, secondary and tertiary colors, (which you can purchase for a few bucks) you will be able to see what is each colors' opposite. It is good to know which colors complement other colors in your bag of tricks.

Nijinsky Would have Loved These Ballet Pages.

Ballerina coloring sheets for young passionate dancers who would love to be the next Super Star! Did you know some of the top performing ballet dancers like Polina Semionova and Darcey Bussel go through every movement in their minds first before going on stage? Some of the world's top performers always do this like Phelps in the Olympics. Coloring in these ballet sheets can get your mind around some of your movement, only if you are a dancer.

Colorful Butterflies For Inspiration.

A good start to learn all about color is from the lessons of mother nature. Butterflies have lovely symetrical shapes and their colors are even more wonderful with subtle changes in color. Mother nature sure does teach us a lot. Butterflies can be seen in wide range of geometric shapes and a bigger variety of decorative forms in their wings. You will notice brighter colors in these little aphids than any other living thing in nature.

Those Wonderful Cars and Trucks.

Make these car pictures come alive with your crayons or paint. You probably like the more modern cars? Or maybe one of the old timers? There's a big choice for you here which ever type of car you like. Some are slim while others are fat, some are huge like the monster trucks. My Granny Emma doesn't like those big things, she likes the dainty vintage model dating back to the Model-T Ford. I think she is getting a bit old. And you know she can't drive too well, she peeps through the steering wheel in her 1952 V8 Chevy and occasionally curses other drivers!

Crazy Cartoon Coloring, From Disney to SpongeBob To Politicians

It is great fun to color cartoon characters especially if they are kinda funny with big noses, chins that jut out like Jay Leno, large red ears with lobes hanging down to their shoulders. It is funnier if they are take-offs of your friends or neighbors. Some cartoons are an outright gross exaggeration of some well-known politicians and they can be exceedingly funny.

Screamingly Funny Cartoon Coloring.

Many cartoon characters in these cartoon coloring sheets, click on the link above and see some images you'd like to color in. They are mainly of people and animals, people can be quite comical but animals can be a scream if they are created by a well-known cartoonist. Try you hand with some of these zanier characters - then send 'em off to Flickr.

Cat Coloring, Big Cats To Tiny Kittens

Coloring in cats is good business if you are creating birthday cards or thank-you notes. People and kids love those furry kittens, my kids used to adore them but since those times they have been more interested in the bigger cats.

If you go into a greetings card store you will notice an abundance of cards with kitty cats, some with flowers others with small children. Maybe that is not your scene so you'll find here one or two sabre-toothed tigers ready for a meal.

The Wonderful Cinderella

Here again is the wonderful Cinderella whom we've seen so many times in Disneyland or the movie house. Cinderella's story has been around for a long time but it is still an enchanting story and my kids can watch it hundreds of times without getting bored.

Cinderella is such a colorful character you can use your softer pastel shades to enhance her lovely personality. Her step sisters can of course be colored in using vile colors to show their bad attitudes.

Online Coloring-in Pages To Print.

Here is the wonderful world of coloring pages you can print up and color in. You will discover plenty of images to get your creative juices flowing. Just a suggestion; try and not stay within the outlines, be creative and go outside here and there. This will make for a more interesting painting. It sometimes makes a more interesting painting if you color the background in first.

Free Coloring Sheets To Print.

Gazillions of images and pictures you can color in, not only on this Family Fun site but also lurking within a click or two in cyberspace. You can name anything now and there will be a coloring page for it. It is best to decide on your favorite subject then plug that into your search box. You will discover rabbits that look like horses and carrots like humans. It can get a bit crazy but it is fun! If ever you want to send your coloring pages to me, I will put them on this website for the world to see.

Printable Dinosaur Coloring-in Sheets .

These gargantuan animals were relatives of the crocodiles, alligators and birds? Monstrous mammals such as these were really huge and bigger than King Kong, they use to eat tons of food that would take us a lifetime to munch through.

I often wonder if they had peanut brains being so destructive as killing their close relatives. When I saw the movie Jurassic Park I wondered if they had a brain at all!

The Adorable Dogs

Dogs, man's best friend and also a friend or two for your coloring-in. Dogs are colorful animals with loads of personality and certain traits that leave a smile on your face. There are many YouTube videos about funny dogs and their antics and you've probably seen America's Funniest Home Videos?

Fire-breathing Dragons

These fire-breathing creatures sometimes get scorched lungs which makes it difficult for them to eat. Their food is usually cooked as it is swallowed but sometimes not very well. Do you know what their diet consists of? You could say "gasoline" but I doubt it as that stuff is uncontrollable. They are fun to color in with firey-red, orange and yellow with a nice cool background as a contrast.

Delightful Easter Coloring Pages.

Has mom or dad ever hidden those yummy chocolate eggs where you could never find them? Sometimes it can be so frustrating and you are salivating for a choc bite. Well, you can now order a choc detector, it has a built-in radar and can detect chocolate for up to five yards. Now that gives you more scope. Only problem is these devices cost more than a year's supply of chocolate. So dad probably won't get you one for Christmas.

Fabulous Fairies

Are you attracted to fairies or elfs or any of their cousins? Perhaps you have heard gigles in the night or soft voices? Well, you are obviously in tune to them. There seems to be a collection of them around from the tooth fairy to flower fairies and even those fairies telling dragons "to be gone"

Well. there might be a coloring-in fairy here somewhere, just waiting for you to get out your crayons or paints!

Fancy Fish With Nemo

There's a large choice of fish to paint or crayon in from the long-nosed pikes to the paddlefish, the minnows and suckers. Most fish have interesting shapes, some look quite bizarre and some of them look really ugly and scary like an alien. Tropical fish look quite beautiful with brilliant colors so shall we color in some of these to start off with? Just click on the link above to take you to these fishy pages.

The Everlasting Flowers - A Favorite

Colorful roses, marigolds, irises, gardenias, chrysanthemums, gladioli and daffodils to color in. On wonderful days like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, especially valentine's Day, don't we all love flowers on these wonderful ocassions?

Clicking above will take you to a variety of flowers.

Be Creative With These Flowers, They Are Here For You

Flower coloring picture do come in an assortment of sizes and shapes to give you diversity to select. They are grouped into particular types so there should be a great choice for the most discerning "flower colorer" or flower artist.

Most flowers are appealing but you will discover the odd one that is not so cool.

See the link above for Flower Coloring Pages? There are flower pictures just for you.

Original Roses for Special Ocassions

Flowers colouring pages are perhaps one of the most beloved of all coloring-type pages. If you want to see variety, here they are from chrysanthemums, dahlias, roses, sunflowers, asters, the rare Kalanchoe, Allamanda, Zinnias to name a few.

You can call "Coloring in" an art form of sorts. The outlines are there only for your guidance or a springboard for your creativity. Try and keep your coloring in loose and sketchy as this give more mystery about your painting.

The Links for "Flowers Coloring Pages" is just above. Have fun with your creativity.

Original Free Coloring Pages.

Free coloring pages to Print - They're all free on this site so don't buy a coloring-in book, save yourself a few bucks. And you can print these up on a heavy weight paper, almost like cardboard. This is one of the first steps to being creative in color and form. With these coloring pages you can print up images you like and try them out first on cheap copy paper. You choose what you like then hit the printer button.

Hit the link above that will take you to a new window where you can choose what to color in.

Kids Coloring Pages - Frogs and Other Jumping Things

Like the one above, they're all free coloring pages to print out. You can get a lot of images of all type on the internet to print out, especially images related to art and drawings. Just check out the Site Map here.

The above link open a new window where you can choose cool stuff to color in.

Geometric - Those Squares and Circles

Coloring in Geometric shapes can give you some great ideas as one shape can blend in with another, or cross over showing other shapes. This is creative stuff for kids.

Click on the above link to take you to some cool geometric designs.

Halloween And More Scary Stuff

Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults, try your hand at coloring in some of these scary creatures also known as pumpkins. Are you getting ready to make your own frightening costume? is not really scary at all, it is fun for all. Have a peek at these images through the link above.

Horses - No Wispering Ones Here

Lots of horses to color in for those who love horses. There is a big variety to choose from Arabians, Draft horses to wild west horses and even ponies. Your choice is big!

Go to this link above to see some of these fine animals.

Lion Coloring Pages.

Lion coloring pages from those cuddly cubs to the big lioness chasing lunch across the plains of Africa. Quite a variety of lions here mainly African with several mountain lions found in the Rockies.

Thousands of Online Coloring Pages

Online Coloring Books and pages with some magical images for children to color in, from animals, cartoons, funny people and elfs.

Click on the link above to see some of these creative coloring pages.

Penguin Coloring-in Pages or Happy Feet.

Penguin Coloring pages are a real treat if you have seen the movie "Happy Feet" It gets my feet tapping just thinking about it - and my kids love it. Try your hand at these wonderful creatures.

See the link above on Penguins? Click on it and see outline images you can color in.

Polar Bear Coloring sheets.

Polar Bears in the Arctic Circle are playful creatures but they are not too keen on humanoids. They are lovely to color in and make great pictures from.

Precious Moments Coloring Pages.

Precious moments are a must to color in if you like Disney characters with lots of stars, flowers and ribbons. They're all here, just follow the link here to a new window.

Princess Coloring-in Pages.

This is a favorite coloring page among those very young at heart who aspire to do some great things. Have a look at these images and see if there is anything there to inspire you.

Printable Coloring-in Pages.

As mentioned before, all the coloring-in pages on the internet are printable. And they are all free printables, if not click somewhere else. Click on the link here to go to these images.

Puppy Coloring-in Pages and sheets.

These delightful puppies are a dream to color in but they do not always stay so adorable do they? My dog Kiva was such a playful puppy last year now she is sort of grown up although she still loves to play. See some of these cuties here.

Valentine Coloring-in Pages and sheets.

Valentine's Day is not only for those young ones in love, it is for anyone of any age to show their love for another! So let's get busy and color in some of these images and send it off to our dearest ones.

Rose Coloring-in Pages are Another Favorite.

Rose coloring pages have always been a favorite and they are so easy to create a wonderful painting. The key is using all your colors to blend in with a subtle touch.

Lots More Coloring-in Pages Here

Here are a few Coloring Pages to get you going!

To print, click on any of the images you like which opens a new window with a larger image for you to print. Then hit Ctrl+P to send it to your printer. Have fun coloring in!


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