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butterfly coloring pages for kids


Butterfly coloring pages can be extraordinary helpful in starting out in the world of art, especially for very young children. With the basic shapes and forms already there to guide the young artist; they can color in a butterfly without too much thought about how a butterfly looks.

Butterflies come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, a big variety of patterns in their wings, and of course a myriad of colors. I've seen brighter colors in these little insects than any other living thing in nature. The usual flight path of a butterfly is quite erratic but there are butterfly watching clubs who take great delight in these fanciful flights.

You know of course butterflies are used on those special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and even corporate events—these butterfly releases are a nice way to celebrate these special days.

Young children marvel when they see a 'butterfly release' at one of these special events. It transforms a wedding ceremony into something quite lovable especially on a warm summer's day when flowers are in full bloom. It is so much more romantic than throwing rice or confetti!

The Romantic Butterflies

A long, long time ago, the Egyptians used butterflies on their wall murals as symbols and also used them in their jewelry. Since those early times artists have depicted butterflies in romantic paintings but you will have to look carefully to spot one or two. Interestingly, sometimes a butterfly is seen as a mirror looking into a person's soul, I am not quite sure how that is seen or where it originally came from but the ancient Greeks word for butterfly was "soul" which does not make sense either!

Meantime in China, two butterflies flying together is a sign of romance and love! Ever seen two flying together?

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