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Funny Animals Are Everywhere You Look


funny animals

There is SOOoo much to see!
Funny animals are everywhere, you just have to take a minute and look around you! Whenever I decide to go on an afternoon walk through the park, I usually see cute, animals stretching out in their owners' yards, and some are even looking out their living room windows. I can see a mixture of cats, dogs, a few monkeys, a prairie dog or two and even birds along the way. "Hey, is that a baby dinosaur over there?"

How cute are your pets?
Sometimes I like to take pictures of funny animals to share with my friends and relatives. Pictures of them are always the best way to show people how cute they are, in my opinion! Like the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ever had a bad day?
My cat Annabell likes to hang out on the couch and watch me read the newspaper. She is a beautiful gray cat with bright green eyes.She always makes me laugh when she stretches out and flexes her paws, so I often take pictures of her so that I can remember what she looks like. When I'm having a bad day, I can just go back and look at my pictures of Annabell and I feel better right away!

A visit to Boston Commons
One great place that I like to go to take pictures is the Boston Commons Park in Boston, Massachusetts. A lot of people travel to Boston Commons each year to see the beautiful animals and birds that live there, and whenever I visit I make sure to take pictures of the swans nesting at the pond. Their feathers are so fluffy and white!

My dog likes to run free
Another great place to meet funny animals is the park. One day I found a cute puppy wearing a red scarf, and his owner let me pet him for a while because he liked people so much. Not all dogs are that friendly, though. Some are pretty spunky, and act like they're ready to get off their leash and run free. I can definitely understand that feeling. It would be horrible to go to the park and then have to stay on a leash the whole time!

Do you wish you could be like funny animals?
One of my favorite things to do is watch how crazy animals can act when they have lots of energy - which is pretty much always! Sometimes, I wish that I could be more like an animal and do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. They can do so many things that people can't do, like run through sprinklers, take naps all afternoon, and even hang their heads out the window when they're going for a ride in the car.

The real funny stuff comes from cartoons!
An interesting thing is that cartoon animals can sometimes be even funnier than real animals. My favorite cartoon animals are Garfield, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck. They can get themselves in some crazy situations, and it's fun to see how they get out of them. One thing's for sure: whether a picture is of a cartoon animal or a real one, it makes me laugh every time. It's a good thing that animals are so funny!

Funny Animals Video Here



funny animals

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