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Funny Pictures will add a little bit of fun and humor which is important in everybody's life. And in today's fast-paced world, not everyone has a lot of time or patience to sit down and watch comedy shows, let alone spend time with friends and family for a few good-hearted laughs or the odd practical joke.

For many, therefore, humor comes in the form of newspaper comics, the Internet or mobile phones. Funny pictures sent via email or mobile phones have become increasingly popular and are highly effective in giving you a smile!

Funny photos on various online portals have great potential to make you laugh without uttering a word.

Remember those funny cat pictures where the cats are dancing to the beat of music or some funny sports pictures, where players are caught in some unintentional funny act? All these happen to be instant sources for opening the shutters of your mouth and making you laugh.

Haven't we all at some time or other seen funny photos that have given us great delight? Remember the time your friend was caught in a funny position and you had a camera to click a perfect pose?

Or the time while playing a prank on someone you were ready to capture their million dollar expression forever?

Funny Pictures of Kids in This Video Clip

Funny pictures of animals will always extract a laugh because animals are often so alive with expression. If you have a pet at home, you might have caught them in some strange action like waging their tails to loud music or while they play with each other. And so funny pictures of animals are results of these moments caught at the right time.

You will find plenty of Funny cat pictures, Funny monkey pictures, Funny penguin pictures and funny pictures of various animals on the internet. Apart from these, you may witness these pictures as trick stuff from Photoshop. So next time you burst into laughter at funny pictures of dogs wearing goggles and shooting guns, give credit to those thinking minds for filling your day with humor.

How about watching funny monkey pictures, where these animals are dressed like rock stars and holding a mike in their hands? These funny photos starring our simian brethren are all the more hilarious because a monkey's antics look ever so human—and close to our own behavior.

Funny cat pictures with the kitties fully clad as superheroes and a cat wearing blue costume of superman and wandering over the sky to help fellow cats in trouble! Can you laugh at this act of fun-filled bravery? These funny photos catch the mysterious, camera-shy cat at their mischievous best make for a great 'laughing stock' photograph. Funny kitten pictures, featuring the lovable living fur-balls, will surely make you smile?

Check out any bunch of funny pictures of dogs, and you will know for yourself. With their comical expressions, thoughtful, but often lost-looking eyes, they can make us laugh even if they just sit still. Funny puppy pictures, which are even cuter are undoubtedly even funnier. These pictures are doing a great job in relieving people from their unhealthy stressed minds.

There are funny penguin pictures, ready with makeup to get clicked by the photographer. Or you may find funny kitty pictures laughing with their eyes closed. These pictures have made the animals real comic actors, having a great fan following across the globe.

Funny people pictures are available in abundance these days. You may watch political figures yawning with a wide mouth or even taking a nap at an important gathering; sportsmen are caught doing unusual actions over the ground and celebrities are often caught in funny photos.

When it comes to celebrities we all love to have a good laugh. The pictures when they were young and "not so good looking" sure add a dose of laughter to our lives. You can find a lot of funny clean pictures of celebrities that are a lot of fun to watch and share with friends.

Intense competition in sports as well as pure unadulterated play can often be the setting for our daily laugh. Strange postures and often the 'record-breaking' effort that turned into a blooper, funny sports pictures will always bring a smile. You may be a 60-year-old remembering your childhood, or a youngster who missed being at the scene of action--funny sports pictures are always good for a dose of laughter, no matter which side of the boundary line you are on.

People are an inexhaustible subject for photographers.And as a result, funny people pictures make us laugh with the things we do to each other, the strange faces we make and our funniest expressions caught in a freeze-frame.

So, funny people, funny sports, pictures of funny animals—funny cats pictures, funny dogs, ridiculous penguins, the odd koala, panda or the monkey—the laughs are everywhere.

You Will Always Find Here Loads of Funny Pictures of People

Family Friendly

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Indoor Party Games for kids are very rewarding to create for this new generation of youngsters.

Birthday party games can be a real hoot for the very young especially hiding thing similar to the Easter Egg hunt.

This age group just love to dress up with fancy clothes and makeup—so there is no limit to what you can create!

Go to this page to get a few ideas.

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Funny Pictures

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