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Funny Cats and The Funny Things They Do

If you want to laugh - get a cat, or a few funny cats
If you're looking to add a little laughter to your life, the best advice you will get is to buy a cat. Most cat owners will be quick to tell you all about the hilarious household antics of their beloved cat, Mister Whiskers.

Our entertaining felines
Here are some of the most entertaining things that people have seen their cats do, compiled from the writings of cat owners around the world:

Sit upright in chairs like a human and watch things intently, such as birds, fish, passerby, etc., while making very strange noises.

Bury anything that smells bad, including dirty rags and socks and use the toilet to go to the bathroom.

funny cats

You don't need an alarm
Awake to the sound of your alarm in the morning, and then meow incessantly for breakfast while running from one end of the house to the other, leaping over tables and furniture along the way.

Accidentally fall off of things while they're sleeping on them, such as the television or your face.

Get into your cereal and scatter it EVERYWHERE and Knead their claws into your slippers...even while you?re still wearing them. Abandon their cat toys in favor of your most expensive pair of shoes.

Those pouncing cats
While these shenanigans are all quite amusing, some of the funniest cat stories seem to revolve around the topic of pouncing. Many funny cats will attempt to pounce on things that lie right on the other side of a window, unaware that a screen is in the way. They get quite a surprise, to say the least, when they ricochet right back into the room!

Attack that which is offensive
Other cats will attempt to attack anything mobile, such as swiveling computer chairs, and interpret the chair?s movements as offensive maneuvers. One cat I know will even hide behind dogs' food bowls, and then pounce on the dog when he goes in for a snack!

funny cats

Throw the dishes out!
Another interesting thing about cats is that they will only drink out of their water dish as a last resort. Apparently, anything is preferable to drinking out of a dish - your water glass, the kitchen sink, the toilet. I once heard a story about a cat that would only drink from bowls of water by scooping it in their mouth with their paws. Talk about a fussy drinker.

Do cats really eat anything?
One of the classic jokes about cats is that they are like goats - they will eat anything, as long as they were the one to find it! This includes insects, animals, plastic, moth balls, and even band-aids. They are also very scared of many mundane things, including vacuum cleaners, computer printers, and even their own toys.

We love them no matter what
If you're looking for some instant stress relief, you should definitely look into getting a cat soon. If your landlord doesn't allow pets, try checking out some funny cat pics the next time you're on the internet. Funny cat videos can also bring some much-needed laughter into your busy day. The truth is that cats sure do some crazy things, but we love them for it.

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