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All the fun and funny games that kids play come in all different forms. It used to be that a child was happy playing backyard games with the neighbor kids, but some of those fun and games are ones that parents have to keep alive and teach the child to play.

With personal computers in almost every household, there are innovative, animated 3D games, such as Jumpstart. This is a learning game, where the child picks out clothing for his avatar and then they go down slides, swim through dolphins, and jump their way to the end, earning points.

Many of the fun online games are for learning, but nothing beats funny games that use imagination and spark social interaction and enhance motor skills.

For example, children love to play fun games like "Poor little Puddy Tat", where one child is the "puddy tat" and he has to meow and make faces to each child while they pet the child on the head and say "Poor little Puddy tat" without laughing. The first one to laugh is the next little "puddy tat". A child has to get imaginative with his acting skills and humor to get the other players to laugh. The harder it gets, the more imaginative the child has to get with making faces and varying the tones of his pitiful meows, showing his personality. The game is great to get children over shyness.

Sometimes, you can discover a humorous child in these kinds of fun games. Another of the simple funny games that require no props is the telephone game. This one is easy to play where the first child whispers a made up sentence and each child whispers it to their neighbor until it reaches the last child. This game teaches how rumors can change as they are repeated and may not be accurate by the time they hear them, although, adults unknowingly play this game all the time. It helps to teach the child that lesson as they are playing.

Pantomimes or Charades are fun games that require a child to act out a certain object or action. A child has to use imagination and nothing but facial expressions and actions to get the other children to guess what it represents. Sometimes the games that are the most fun are simple games where a child's personality can come through and get recognition from their peers. The other thing that children learn is that body language is a form of communication.

Water balloon toss is one of those great games that are for a hot, summer day. A few water balloons and two children are all you need for this game. As the children get further away from each other with each toss, one of the children is bound to miss the water balloon and might get wet. This teaches a child motor skills and there is a little fun competition involved.

Think back to your favorite games as a child and teach them to your children. Online games aren't the only learning games, funny games can be learning experiences, too. There are a lot of the games we played as children that are funny games that taught us a lesson we use in our adult life.

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