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Just click on any of the links below to find some of the funny things you like. This Site Map can guide you to the humorous things you like. Some humor is quite funny to some folk and quite droll to others!

This site map contains some really funny stuff from crazy animal pictures, funny people and the hilarious things they get up to.

You will find plenty of coloring-in pages and sheets to your liking, from animals, people, cartoons, flowers and plenty more to suit everyone's taste.

If you feel there is something missing on this website or any page you think is YUK! Please send me an email and/or sign up for the free monthly newsletter where you can make your voice heard. The newsletter will be about zany things, crazy things, funny jokes and quotes or those really stoopid-looking caricatures of some famous—and notorious Hollywood stars or politicians.

This is a kid-friendly family site and suitable for ages 4 - 12. It is understood generally that younger children prefer pages (books or websites) with lots of pictures, especially those they can relate to. They do not like pages jumbled up words and would much prefer to see images relating to the text they are reading. A balance of words and images seems to be the best bet.

On this site map there are lots of topics children love. The younger children may love the coloring-in pages and the party games. The slightly older ones may prefer seeing lots of funny pictures of dogs and cats—and going up in age but only slightly, they may love some of these cartoons, cartoons of people, animals, cartoons of people doing funny things to those who just love comic strips—from the daily newspapers to those popular comics on the newsstands. It's all here on this site and very easy to find from the links below.

As this is a kid-friendly site you will find nothing unsuitable for children. If you do come across a link on this site map which is only slightly offensive to horribly offensive, email me and I will remove it immediately. I have checked most of the Ad links here and they seem to be just fine!

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This is a safe site for children and is basically for young parents with children from 5 - 12 years. Any feedback or suggestions about this site is welcome.
Use the contact form here.

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