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Funny Monkey Story For Young Children

funny monkey story

Munka was a little monkey boy and he had a brother and sister, and Papa and Mama Monkey. The brother was named Bupoo and sister Luloo. Of course they are silly names but then, monkeys are silly, always mischievous, and sometimes quite funny!

Munka was smarter than his brother or sister and a lot older. And he always had many adventures and I will tell you one now. He lived in the forest with lots of large trees, played most of the day on his own as he felt his younger siblings were too young to climb trees, swim in the lake or do other monkey things.

He made lots of friends in the woods with birds, squirrels, chipmunks and the occasional fox. He never got too close to the Fantastic Mr Fox as all his friends called him as he was so much like a fierce wolf. Munka always hung on a branch when the fox was around as Munka knew Mr Fox could not climb trees and so he felt a little safer.

It is not unusual for a monkey to live in a tree but it was part of the family's life and they all loved it. His mother used to tell the children "It is always safer to play in the trees than on the ground, but you must only play on the ground when Pappa is nearby because it is very dangerous when there are so many wolves around."

Well, Munka, Bupoo and Luloo were playing tag on the ground when a gray wolf came slowly out into the open and was looking fiercely at the three little monkeys. "Run to the trees, fast!" screeched Munka "And start climbing as fast as you can!"

They all managed to scramble up the tree and Munka climbed up after them..."Whew!, that was very close" shouted Bupoo as the wolf nearly got hold of Munka's tail. All three monkeys were happy they escaped the fierce jaws of the gray wolf and swung back through the trees to their home.

"Wolves are not nice creatures" said Mama, "And they will eat you given half the chance. In future," said Mama, "you do not play on the ground until you are a little larger, at least another year or two!"

funny monkey "It is much more fun on the ground" cried Luloo. "Yes, I know," said Mama as she looked through the branches to see the wolf still prowling around, "All of you can go much faster in the trees than on the ground, so that is the way it is going to be until you get older."

"It must be safe to go down now, surely?" pleaded Munka. "No, no, no," she said. "Wolves are crafty and may be waiting for you."

"l'lll tell you what, I will give you another lesson and we can all make it a fun to do."

"Oh goody," yelled Luloo "I love those lessons you teach us about swinging on our tails, hanging by one hand!"

"There are many things to learn," said Mama, "We all have to learn how monkeys can survive in the woods with lots of dangerous animals around, especially wolves."

The monkey's house was very nice and cozy with branches and leaves intertwined to make a lovely floor with twigs scattered here and there. It was always warm and it never rained through the thickly twined leaves that Papa made so well.

funny monkey story

The three siblings did not stay in the house often, only to sleep. They all loved to go into the trees to play catch-up or tag and sometimes games they used to make up themselves. Often they used to jump to the ground to play when Mama was not watching and they knew it was naughty.

"I guess the Wolf has gone by now, don't you think Munka?" said Bupoo. So let's go down and play for just a little while."

"Okay, I think it is alright as I do not see the wolf around, but let's be on the alert, just in case."

"We'd better ask Mama," said Luloo.

"No, I will not! I can see there is no wolf here!" shouted Munka.

So Munka started to swing down the tree followed by Bupoo and Luloo and when they were nearly on the ground there was a dreadful roar and out came the wolf showing his teeth.

"Quick, jump up! Hurry!" yelled Munka, and they all swung up only just out of reach of the hungry wolf. The wolf snapped his jaws tight and growled fiercely as he was fooled a second time.

Mama was angry when the three monkeys climbed back into their house. "What did I tell you only half an hour ago not to go on the ground and you disobey my orders! So there will be no lovely fruit tonight for your supper."

"Sorry Mama, I thought the wolf had gone, please forgive us?" said Munka who was shaking as he got such a fright.

"He'll be there for some time, you mark my words," said Mama Monkey. "It is not safe to go down at all; he will be prowling around for some time."

Funny Monkey Story

"All of you must just sit down and read some monkey books and I will let you know when it is safe to go out again, do you understand?" said Mama Monkey.

"Yes," they all chanted sheepishly.

"Papa Monkey will be coming home soon, I had better warn him to be careful as he swings through the trees. He sometimes runs along the ground and that could be dangerous."

Mama Monkey used her shrill monkey voice and called out as loudly as she could to warn Papa monkey.

All the other monkeys in the woods heard her shrill voice and began chanting "There's a wolf on the prowl, beware. A wolf on the prowl, be careful, look out for him!"

The incessant chattering filled the air with a crescendo as they all began to shout. It was a warning for Papa Monkey to be aware of the wolf as he came home. What a noise it was and you could hear it for miles around; the wolf had not heard anything like it before.

Papa Monkey, who had traveled far to get fresh fruit for the family, heard all the noise about the wolf and thought "Let's get home as quickly as possible so I can look after my family."

Munka was getting a little bored and wanted to do something, not just sit around the house like a couch potato. He was always a little mischievous and loved to play tricks on his brother and sister.

And so he crept softly behind his brother and tickled him on the ear with a stick. Bupoo thought it was a fly and tried to brush it away with his hand. As Bupoo was peeling skin off some fruit Munka tickled him again and pulled the stick away just in time.

funny monkey

"That darn fly!" chattered Bupoo, "I will kill it, you see!"

Munka laughed out loud and so Bupoo knew it was his brother. "You little monkey!" yelled Bupoo, "I will get you for that." So they raced up the tree as fast as can be and laughed all the way to the top.

So the two brothers went down to their house but Munka was not done with his jokes yet. He scrambled down faster than his brother and then, when Bupoo was not looking grabbed hold of Bupoo's tail and pinched it hard.

"Mama, Mama, the wolf has got me!" screamed Bupoo. "Ha Ha! I got you that time" yelled Munka laughing till he cried.

"Munka and Bupoo" yelled Mama Monkey, "come down here this instant! It is time for a new lesson before Papa comes home." She looked for the wolf and saw it has gone away possibly be all the noisy monkey chatter that came as a warning.

Mama Monkey went into the house and came out with a round thing similar to a soccer ball. "Oh. What is that?" chimed the three monkies.

"It is a coconut," said Mama. "I never seen anything like that Mama," said Munka. "It is quite big and hairy like us," said Bupoo.

"So children, this is a lesson on how to open a coconut. So you are all now big enough to eat one so you will learn how to open it."

funny monkey

"It is white inside but they all have this hard outer shell and inside the white meat which is delicious."

"Now let us see if Munka can open it up shall we?" said Mama Monkey. Munka tried to pry it open, it did not budge, he tried rubbing it, hitting it, pulling it. Nothing worked. He tried to bite a hole but the husk was too hard.

"Let me have a try," shouted Bupoo.

"No, I can do it myself, " said Munka.

"Give it to me," Shouted Bupoo, "I bet I can open it!" and with that, he jumped across towards Munka who then jumped out of his way and dropped the coconut which rolled across the leafy floor and dropped to the ground below.

"Oh dear, my coconut has gone, I will go down and get it!"

"Watch out for the wolf!" groaned Bupoo, "He's Dangerous!" .

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