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Why Funny Dogs Make the Funniest Pets

1) Funny dogs are always scratching something. (See Video Clip Below)

Dogs aren't really that different from people - they have an itch, they scratch it. The reason it's so funny when dogs scratch themselves is because they don't have any fingers, so scratching becomes a complicated process that involves finding a way to somehow rub the itchy spot on the ground and/or your hand. This always results in plenty of laughs as the dog wiggles back and forth on the lawn with his paws up in the air, lost in complete and utter scratching bliss.

2) They usually have a big goofy grin on their face.
Unless a dog is either angry or asleep, he probably has a gigantic smile on his face. If you think about it, most pictures of funny dogs seem to be of them smiling, because it's one of the most amusing things that they do. That's probably because dog smiles include opening their mouth wide, letting their tongue hang out, and just chilling out with the other cute, funny dogs on the block.

funny dogs 3) They have zany names like Boomer, Peanut, and Gizmo.
Funny names for dogs always seem to add to their personality and likeability. Some owners choose to use "people names" like Luke, Sadie, and Max, but the sillier ones just seem to suit dogs so much better. It's always quite hilarious when a facetious canine has a funny and original name to go with his spunky persona.

4) They sleep all the time.
It makes sense, really. If there?s not anything better to do, why not take a nap? And if you?re a dog, most of the time, there isn?t something better to do. I mean, you can only chase Mrs. Johnson?s cat around the yard so many times before it starts to get a bit dull.

5) They really, really don't like baths.
As a general rule, dogs see no need for any type of bathing or cleansing process. I suppose their line of thinking goes something like this: Why would I want to take a bath when I can just run through the sprinkler in the yard later tonight, or wait until it rains? Most dogs don't mind getting wet, but when it comes to a mountain of soapy suds or any type of sponge-like device, they'll be out the door faster than you can say "fiddlesticks."

6) They are extremely interested in other dogs' behinds.
We all know that the standard greeting in the dog world is a good old-fashioned sniff of the rear end. It's simple; dogs are very fascinated with other dogs? bodily odors. The same goes for anything that seems to come out of this area. For example, have you ever tried to take your dog on a walk through a popular dog-walking neighborhood? He'll stop at every fire hydrant along the way for a requisite 5 minute-long sniff.

7) They have no shame when it comes to bodily functions.
All kinds of smells and odors seem to be released spontaneously from dogs' bodies throughout the day, and the funny thing is that after they clear a room with their stench, they will usually just sit there with a "what's wrong?" look on their face. Even worse, they'll try to snuggle with you right after it happens. Beware the stinky behind!

8) They often feel threatened by inanimate objects.
They sneak up on statues. Bark at shoes and balls. Attack the vacuum cleaner. I even know a dog who will sit in front of a Santa figurine and bark at it for hours. Apparently, these things are all very dangerous and we need to be protected from them. Wow, I knew there was a reason they call dogs "Man's Best Friend."

funny dogs

What's so funny about funny dogs anyway? Well, just listen to the Real Dog Rules according to Rollo:

Slide across the floor on your stomach. This makes you invisible long enough to sneak a bite of people food from the table. ( My funny dog swears it works)

When you got an itch, go ahead and scratch. (only rude people will stare)

Sniffing out that doggie biscuit hidden in a pocket is "puppy stuff". Sniffing out that bone that was buried last year, now that's real doggone talent. Finding another dog's stash of bones? Priceless.

When you hear the sound of running water, it can only mean trouble. Run Dog Run. Run Fast; Hide Dog Hide. Hide even Faster.


Funny Dogs Here

funny dogs

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