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Funny Names For Your Family, Friends and Pets

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Funny names have been a part of a long tradition of naming people and even objects.

Along with history, the basis of considering certain names funny has evolved. We have heard people named as 'Longfellow', 'Longlegs' and many other names that make use of interesting adjectives. As you read the literature set in the 16 to 17th century, you surely will encounter aliases that would sound funny when used nowadays.

No one can date exactly when the existence of humorous names have originated. As far as most people know, perhaps as early as in the prehistoric times, people where already capable of taking and delivering humor. Imagine a life without laugh. If not for humor, how else would man consider life living with all that hair hanging out from his body? Although we may not find any scientific evidence of the origin of comical names, what we know is that comical names are so popular nowadays. They are so universal that people from all over the world have their own version of these crazy names.

Have you ever experienced having an animal pet? Perhaps the first thing you did was to think of what name to call your beloved furry or scaly, cold blooded or warm blooded part animal. Most people got their pet's name from the animal's obvious characteristics. If the animal is very active and never stays in place, then they might be called Speedy, Flash, or anything to that effect of being energetic or fast. As far as the animal's behavior is concerned, they might get any of the Seven Dwarfs' name; dopey, sleepy, happy and grumpy to name a few. Although the name might hold a special meaning to the owners, they end giving their pets pretty hilarious names, which can serve to their delight or dismay.

Do You Have a Funny Name?

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As for naming new vessels or vehicles, owners also end up using zany names. For broken down and battered cars, we hear the names Shiny, Zoom and Sparkle, which to some is incredibly hilarious. Using the names that describes the exact opposite of what the object truly is certainly is hilarious. History tells that a few centuries ago, ship owners use hilarious names for their boat to make them stand out in the crowded seas. That makes their newly acquired vessels recognizable and famous if not infamous.

Today, fun names are even used as a brand of commercial products. Having an interesting has its advantages; it simply draws attention and curiosity which might actually convince people to buy. The same thing applies with the funny company names, humorous names where proven effective in benefiting the marketability or market appeal of commercial products or organizations.

Most people can't help but smile upon listening or reading a funny name. We see them everywhere and every day. While no one could give a concrete explanation to what exactly makes a name funny or at least from where it originated, funny names is popular and widely accepted nowadays. The funny-ness of names has no limit as the creativity and humor that comes in its creation is limitless. Funny names could be a word that sounds like a curse, an interesting adjective or a name of a famous person who made a fool of himself. While the basis of the funny-ness of names depends on so many factors, one thing remains true—it makes people smile.

funny names

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