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Magical Fairy Coloring Pages For Kids

Quite a Fairy Tale
These Fairy coloring pages and images are based on old folklore going back quite a long way. These folklore fairies will include gnomes, goblins, mythical creatures, cherubs and are sometimes described as being human. But they are not human really although they can take on the shape and appearance of being human. And they have magical powers where they can change their appearance or become invisible.

An outline to guide you
You will discover on these fairy coloring pages that the images are sometimes created in a cartoon style as they are basically outline drawings. You will only need an outline to guide you initially and once you become familiar with fairy forms, you will be able to start drawing your own. Goblins, fairies and Gnomes are quite easy to draw.

fairly coloring pages

A few magical powers to change things
Did you know that fairies do not like certain things like herbs and incense, they shun away from these things even though they have magical powers to change anything. They are often related to angels and have angel-type wings but most of them in modern day times have butterfly wings. Some say they are "demoted" angels but they are good folk full of kindness and will do anything for you if you ask—if you "pay it forward."

There is a delightful story of where fairies originated from in Peter Pan sometime around the early 20th century. J. Barrie wrote Peter Pan and Wendy "when the baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies." Isn't that great?

The spirit of play in all of us
Some fairies are quite naughty and playful; they certainly have a "spirit of play" and do not take anything seriously. It has been reported from the good folklore books that the fairy queen used to ride on horseback but this can't be true as they can float through the air using their magic powers. Some say they do not have any power at all but then have you ever put your tooth under your pillow waiting for the fairy godmother to take it away and replace it with a dime or two?

Get a good quality print paper for less buckling
Color these fairies with your crayons or color markers unless you can print on paper that will not buckle—then you can use paint.

To Print Click on the image you'd like to print which will take you to a new window with a larger image. Then press Crtl+P (Mac: Command+P) which will then print up your fairy coloring pages.

Creatve Fairy Coloring Pages

Fairy coloring pages
Fairy Classic
Fairy coloring pages
Fairy Cartoon
fairy coloring page
Fairy Cartoon
Fairy coloring pages
fairy coloring page
Fairy Cartoon
Fairy coloring pages
Fairy Cartoon
fairy coloring pages
Classical Fairy
Fairy coloring pages
Magical Fairy
Fairy coloring pages
Mythical Fairy

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