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Funny Dogs and Their Very Funny Ways

funny dogs

There are some really funny dogs that are a delight to have and to watch. They are loyal, honest and playful most of the time.

Funny dogs have become one of mankind's great companions of all time. There must be hundreds of different breeds some as small as a few inches and some a few feet tall.

Most dogs can be trained to do almost anything from assisting the blind, pulling sleds, sniffer detection and tracking amidst a host of other things - like fetching dad's slippers or getting him a beer from the fridge!

Here are some pics and cartoons of some great dogs, some are happy, others a little angry and a few downright rude. There is a page here where you can learn how to draw dogs. Try it, it's a lot of fun.

See my dog Kiva here? She loves to be a little distorted and does not mind one bit which way I push the pixels. She love being a funny dog although posing for the camera is difficult as she wants to play all the time. She is a high energy dog and can play the whole day non-stop. Her favorite game is like most dogs - catching a ball or stick and sometimes, to my dismay, she picks up rocks which damages her teeth. I have seen toothless dogs who pick up rocks and stones - so they can't enjoy chewing on a bone!

It's funny how dogs and cats know the inside of folks better than other folks do, isn't it? Eleanor H. Porter

The dog drawing below is having a sly look at some human activity near a BBQ but he could be smiling at some of the treats he will eventually get. Here are a few more dog sketches - they too have their own expressions, their own little ways of doing things, their habits - all of these can be funny!

You will find plenty of funny pics of our canine friends wearing sunglasses, neckties, hats and a variety of paraphernalia. There are plenty of these pictures but check out the videos here - some of these funny dogs are a scream!

Funny Dogs and Their Very Funny Ways

Some delightful puppies and dogs
funny dogs funny dogs funny dogs

funny dogs funny dogs funny dogs

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funny dogs
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Indoor Party Games for kids are very rewarding to create for this new generation of youngsters.

Birthday party games can be a real hoot for the very young especially hiding thing similar to the Easter Egg hunt.

This age group just love to dress up with fancy clothes and makeup—so there is no limit to what you can create!

Go to this page to get a few ideas.

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