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Funny nicknames are a part of our entire lives. We are surrounded by them, from our childhood nicknames to funny msn nicknames we come up with to make our friends laugh. It goes far past the Name Game from the 60s...the one you can never get out of your head "Bananabana bobana a fie fi foe fanna"...

Growing up my nickname at home was sworn to secrecy, friends were threatened, and my brother was warned never to breathe a word of my "Boo Boo Ditten Pepper" name given by my grandfather before I was old enough to protest. I made them drop the Boo Boo when I was eight and thought they were calling me a mistake.

Though no one will ever know what it means, I have been called "Ditten Pepper" for over 30 years. Other nicknames, like "Jingles" and "Doll", were not quite as embarrassing but still only allowed to be used in family situations. Now, if an email from my dad doesn't call me "ditten", I wonder if something is the matter.

Some nicknames describe who we are like the con artist on line whose nickname was "Yu Ben Tok" or the disgruntled teenager who was known as "h82bu".

Some nicknames we are given when we are really young, or by our family for some quality we have or some inside joke. Nobody else would understand that "Boparooni" came from your incredible skills as a dancer during your adorable toddler years or that the "Flubber" name you call grandma comes from the time you noticed her arm skin as she waved goodbye.

Nicknames can be hilarious as long as they are meant in kindness and fun. It is only a funny nickname if it is funny to the person being called it. Many sports figures have funny nicknames that they might not find so funny.

"Out of Service" Pervis (Pervis Ellison from the Sacramento Kings in the NBA) who was out with injury more than half his rookie year games probably preferred his college name of Never Nervous Pervis.

Jared Lorenzen of the NFL has been given several nicknames from the Pillsbury throwsboy to the Hefty Lefty (he is left handed and weighs over 300 pounds.)

Steve Buzinski, a former goalie with the NHL, was known as "The Puck goes inski" Buzinski because of the six goals of eleven tries.

Sometimes it can be fun to sit with your friends and come up with funny nicknames. My friends and I will often try to outdo each other with funny msn nicknames. We go through the alphabet and try to come up with a funny msn nickname for each letter. Each time we log in, we try to find a funny nickname with the next letter in line.

Whether it's your childhood nickname, the name you were called in high school, the name your best friends call you or the funny msn nickname you give yourself, they can always bring a smile to someone's face and a memory to someone's mind.

So let's hear from you about YOUR funny nicknames

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funny nicknames

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