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Abstract Coloring Sheets Giving Freedom To Create

abstract coloring

These abstract coloring sheets have been in my coloring books for years and I thought we may as well put them to go use in a series of these expressive coloring sheets instead of gathering dust.

I wanted to show you how you can get a picture of almost anything and make it into an abstract painting—that is if you have pixel editing software. You do not have to have anything which costs big bucks like Photoshop ($600) just a simple open source free piece of software called Gimp.

What really is abstract anyway in layman's terms? One dictionary gives this definition (adjective) "existing only in concept and not in reality" which is pretty near. So you could say these abstract coloring sheets are not of this world, not part of reality.

What I like to see are those paintings or images that can almost represent something you can almost see—a face, a car, a clown, a household utensil or really anything. If you take a photo of a ballerina in full flight with maybe just a blur showing movement, reverse the values so black becomes white and white becomes black - similar to a negative film, throw all the pixels into a cyber-blender you'd have a wonderful abstract painting.

Abstract paintings have not been around THAT long, maybe a hundred years or so. Some of the history books say there are only three forms of abstract art. That is absolute nonsense! How long do you think people have been doodling in just about anything from table napkins to wet sand on the beach? In fact it could date back to heaven knows when. The American Indians were doing their abstract sculpting way back before Columbus landed in New York.

Anything goes in abstract art and, more to the point, abstract coloring sheets which you can color in and use as a springboard for creating masterful paintings. There is not limitation to your creative juices, get them flowing with these images. Bring into play your feelings whether they are good, bad or just okay. They will show up in your work so hopefully you will make an impact one way or another.

You will be pleased to know there are several ways to revive our slumpish economy. You are aware of course that in some up-market galleries they charge outrageous prices for abstract coloring sheets providing they are framed. So your abstract artwork will have a lovely frame (not gilt please) about five times the size of the painting, huge in fact.

You've seen these itsy-bitsy paintings not much larger than half a postage stamp with a gigantic frame nearly covering the entire south wall in the White House! It can be very impressive, really. Take a peek at the price tag—just enough to purchase a Lear Jet! Do not be put off thinking that folks just don't have that amount of greenbacks to throw around, they do.

These dudes will buy your abstracts as they can be mesmerized by your creativity. So if they purchase one or two from you it WILL be helping our economy. Please get busy with these abstract coloring sheets to re-distribute a little wealth. (just kidding)

To Print Click on an image you like which will open up a new window then press Ctrl+P to fire it off to your printer. Then put on some music you love and SPLURGE!

Abstract Coloring Sheets Here For Printing

printable abstract coloring sheets
abstract coloring sheets
Picasso Abstract
funny abstract coloring sheets
abstract coloring sheets
Mayan Abstract
free printable abstract coloring sheets
Pure Abstract
abstract coloring sheets
Foot Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Bottle Abstract
printable abstract coloring page
Tea Cup Abstract
free printable abstract coloring sheets
Face Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Fish Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Pitcher Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Music Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Faux Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Mandla Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Lyric Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Mossel Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Roule Abstract
free abstract coloring sheets
Barau Abstract

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The abstract coloring sheet you have colored in, you can make it into your customized art in a few minutes.

Take a photograph of the image in the highest resolution you have, then choose the frame you like from a wide selection. Decide the frame size which is unlimited, download your picture, that's it! No surprises!

You'll see exactly what you get before placing your order. And if you are not 100% satisfied you can return it within 30 days and get a free replacement or a full refund.

Your customized art here

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abstract coloring sheets
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abstract coloring sheets

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