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Family Fun is a good way to bond with your children and it allows them to come up with creative ideas of things they want to do. There are plenty of things for kids and young families to do together that does not cost much money, if you are creative. It is creating memorable moments with games and things to do together as a family that brings families closer.

There are many family fun things that can be done all seasons. Before there was the Internet, cable television, Guitar hero and Playstations, families got together for all kinds of fun, like camping, picnicking, making homemade ice cream, lemonade stands, flying a kite and sledding or going to the zoo. Roller skating and bowling were family fun and children learned skills in coordination and competitiveness.

Some easy memorable moments and games for fun can be done at home or in the backyard. Coming up with creative ideas can be rotated each week among the family members. Some families come up with all kinds of different ideas for family fun and then draw one out of a bowl each week. Whatever method you come up with for family, picking the activity should be something that each family member participates in—or not everybody will enjoy it.


Many families have started having family fun meetings where they come up with the ideas. Others come up with family fun on the spur-of-the-moment. Whichever method you choose depends on the size of your family and the ages, but older children particularly need to be involved in coming up with the ideas.

Of course, if your children are younger, then loads of fun can be more simplistic. Things like coloring on the floor in coloring books while eating popcorn is easy to do anytime. Icing cupcakes or cookies, topping personal pizza dough with their favorite toppings or making sandwiches for a backyard picnic on a blanket under the shade tree can be family fun.

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire at the park or fishing in a pond can become a weekend of family fun. The important thing is to find something to please all age groups of children and set the time aside to do something each week. Some activities can be as simple as a family movie night, a special Sunday afternoon barbeque, or inviting the neighbors over for a homemade ice cream social.

A day at the park can be set aside to fly kites, play Frisbee, go on a nature hike, have an Easter egg or scavenger hunt or collect different kinds of leaves in the fall. Having a neighborhood block party or potluck is something that can be rotated weekly between other families in the neighborhood that are looking for family fun and forming a committee for each week's activities can bring neighbors closer. It's a great way to find new playmates for your children and to get new friends for yourself.

Family fun that is affordable is something that many families are looking for. Because of the advanced technology, many families have grown apart because they don't do some of the simple, yet creative things to have family fun. Think back to when you were a kid and you are likely to come up with some creative and affordable ways to have family fun.

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