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Funny Valentine Poems

funny valentine poems

Funny Valentine Poems To Make Your Loved One's Day!

Who said that Valentine's Day is just for those mushy faced couples in love? There is no rule which says love can only exist between a couple! Love can exist between two people whether it is a man and a woman, a parent and child, siblings, friends, a dog and a cat and even canaries. Love can exist anywhere. Therefore a Valentine day can be for every one from kids to their canaries!

So, how do you express love? For many people love means boring old phrases or poems borrowed from century old books! Not any more!

These days' funny Valentine poems are the best way to express your love. These funny Valentine poems not only show how much you love a person, they also bring a smile to their faces! Banish that age-old saying that "Love hurts"! When the fact is love really tickles your funny bone.

So kids do you want to gift your parents some Valentine poems? You don't have to be reborn as William Wordsworth to do that! All you need a big grin stretching across your face, when you write those funny poems!

Get Writing Funny Poems for Your Folks

Here are some ways to get started on the project of writing funny Valentine poems for your folks!

Subject: You need to first think about what you want to write about! Generally funny poems are short and funny (of course) and focused on any one aspect of the person. So, do you want to talk about your dad's moustache or your mom's hairdo? Or do you want to talk about your mom's cooking or dad's gardening? Make up your mind on what you want to talk about. Think about something that they would find funny!

Try to insert a rhyming style in your Valentine poems. The general format of funny poems is ABAB. Lyrical and rhyming funny poems are quite popular. Though there is free form poetry too, but when it comes to funny poems, rhymes are the best!

Talk about the funny aspects of your parents; however don't criticize or mock them. You can gently tease them but there is a thin line between mocking and teasing. Be affectionate and loving about their flaws and make sure that your love reflects in the funny poems.

Once you have written your funny poems then its time to deliver them! Normal is boring so don't do the predictable thing. Hide it under their pillows or keep it with their toothbrush. You can even put it in your father's wallet or mother's purse! Or in these tech savvy days you can message them the poem in their office too! Another great idea is to make your parents a nice breakfast of their favorite things (whatever you can manage without accidents since that will be a spoiler) and keep the poem in the breakfast tray! Imagine how surprised and happy they will be to receive your funny Valentine poems!

Funny Valentine poems are the best way to tell your folks how much they love you and all it takes is your sense of humor and imagination!

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