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Funny Thoughts Shared With Your Family


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Funny thoughts can make children and adults laugh.

It's very important that adults who are parents share and encourage laughter with their children. Children, you know, do get worried about the adults in their care, often getting concerned that their adults really take everything too seriously.

Of course, adults who are not parents should also share laughter with children, but since so many parents scold their children for talking to, or laughing at strangers, it can be difficult for them.

Cultivating Humor in Children
Parents should readily cultivate a sense of humor in children. Telling them jokes, sharing riddles with them, pointing out funny (but of course non-harmful) situations to their children when they come up are all very important things in a child's development.

Children who don't have a sense of humor grow up to be adults with no sense of humor, and those adults are mean. Mean adults go to Mean Adult Jail, and you sure don't want your children to end up there. (Wait a minute...there's no Mean Adult Jail? Well, that explains a lot of problems in our society!)

Humor is also a wonderful way of dealing with problems and situations that might otherwise seem too frightening or sad for children, and a lot of adults, to deal with. Laughing about something instead of getting totally upset about it is like magic—it makes it easier to fix whatever is wrong. Think of how much money we could all save if countries agreed to just laugh at each other when they disagreed, instead of spending big buckets of money on weapons to get ready for war.

When children have a good sense of humor, they learn to laugh at themselves, too. They learn not to get down on themselves for mistakes or for being "weird". This means that they are less likely to take bullies too seriously and start fights with them. It also means that they are less likely to become bullies themselves. Isn't that wonderful?

Funny Thoughts Shared With Your Family adds Fun to Your Life

Funny Thoughts for Children
Children love hearing little stories, jokes, and riddles that make them ponder the world in a new way while they are laughing. Let's look at some of these brain-stimulating questions and observations.

  • If you get caught taking a shortcut home through a farmer's pea patch, can you be arrested for Disturbing the Peas?
  • In the game of squash, how come you don't squash anything?
  • If an alien lands in your garden, would it ask you to take it to your weeder?
  • How come people drive on a parkway, but park in a driveway?
  • If you're not handicapped and you use the handicapped toilet, do they come and tow you out of there?
  • Why did the snail cross the road? Well, when he finally DOES get across the road, maybe we can ask him.
  • Are strangers' people who are weirder than you?
  • Every time I eat an egg, I always wonder who was the first person to dare his friend to eat the next thing that came out of a chicken's butt.
  • Funny thoughts are delightful when shared with others and I am sure we all have these from time to time. Sometimes I find my own thoughts so funny I burst out laughing with sideways glances from other people. I've often shared my funny thoughts with my children and they tell me afterwards I am a complete nut and should be locked up! But they always laugh. So do share your thought (the funny ones) with your family and friends.

    Do you have any funny thoughts you'd like to share with other folk? Most people would LOVE to hear funny stuff!

    Go here and tell them!

    funny thoughts

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