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Have you ever seen an incredibly talented kid that makes the silliest faces you've never imagined in the mirror? Picture him morphed into a chimpanzee. No ordinary chimpanzee, but one with face muscles like an acrobat, including a lower lip that can stick out for a mile! I watched a hysterical monkey video when I was about ten years old and the images have never left me. It was on TV, we didn't have a recording of it, but that video became a part of our family culture for years to come.

Funny Videos are something that people of any age enjoy and relate to. I was talking to the exhausted mother of three whose husband was deployed in the military. "What do you do to relax, how do you get a break?" I was prepared to offer to babysit.

She reported that her favorite time was actually Sunday evenings watching America's Funniest Videos. With her husband gone, she treasured the time she had with her family. Watching the amusing episodes was a great chance for everyone to just relax, cuddle, forget everyday concerns, and laugh. Everyone really wanted to do it, from the two year old to the adult.

Laughing together creates a family bond.

Sometimes it seems like there is a big gap between generations and these funny videos show some of it. Mom and Dad are so different than Brother and Sister. But usually, funny is funny. If the jokes require insider knowledge, it can be a chance for the targeted generation to explain the background that makes it humorous. Amusing images transcend age, worldviews and even language to bring people together.

The FunnyVideo my family watched together was referred to for years. If I saw my slightly over-emotional mom look like she was about to burst into hysterical sobs during the wedding of a distant relative, all I had to do was make small, armpit scratching motions and our whole row would suddenly be smothering giggles.

Make sure to screen content before viewing as a family.

But before you start randomly Googling "funny videos," you want to make sure you have a way to screen content before watching clips with your family. Even with the parental controls turned on, I came up with some pretty questionable hits. Unless you want to watch the clips independently before viewing with kids, use a family friendly source. You can buy humorous videos or watch TV shows intended for the whole family, or look for a family oriented website that will direct you to appropriate clips.

Ideas to enhance the fun with FunnyVideos.

One thing we always enjoy doing with humorous clips is to turn off the sound. We assign a person to each character that appears on screen. When the assigned character comes up, the person playing their role makes up a goofy voice and unusual stuff for them to say.

Don't forget about making your own comical movies. We used to have this huge, ancient camcorder that was on a wobbly tripod that always panned to the right. We would set up scenes so the action would move with the video camera. Now, there are lots of options, from recording on your cell phone to producing your own computerized graphics.

Whatever age or technology skill level you and your family may possess, laughing together with FunnyVideos is a great way to share enjoyable experiences. It also provides a common bond that you and your family will treasure for decades.

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