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Cool Brain Games For Kids

brain games for kids

One of the most important things in child development these days are brain games for kids.

With so many things to learn, the crucial years of children, like you, should have a firm grasp of various lessons in school.

At your age, you learn from anything you see and do. You learn when you watch TV. You learn when you talk to your mom and dad. And you learn when you play with your friends. So in everything you do, you must learn the things that will make you do well in school. Following are cool math games 4 kids that will make your mom and dad proud of you.

The Time Game

If you are aged six years old, you must be a very cute kid who understands how to tell the time. You and your friends can play "The Time Game" to practice how to tell time. I remember asking my little friends Bridgette and Louie to play this game. I told them to get a toy clock and some toys like plates, pillows, and other toys. The game started when Louie asked Bridgette to adjust the toy clock to 12:00. While Bridgette tries to move the hands of the clock to 12:00, Louie takes the plate, spoon, and fork and act as if he was eating lunch because that's what we do when it is 12:00, right? Louie acts really funny and we laughed a lot. After that, we tried 2:00, 8:00, and other times on the toy clock. We had a lot of fun.

Play Store

Another brain game for kids of 6 years like you is called the "Play Store." All you need are old boxes of cereals and some play money. You and your friends can act as if you are buying things in the grocery. One of you plays the cashier who adds up the prices of the things you wish to buy. Don?t forget to put price tags on your cereals boxes. This is an enjoyable game where you can play grown-ups. You can pretend to be like your mom or your teacher while you buy things from the grocery store. This is a lot of fun if you have lots of cereal boxes.

Number Sentences

If you are aged 7 or 8, you should know how to solve math problems and word problems. In this special game for you, we will combine English and Mathematics. This game is called "Number Sentences." All you have to do is change a certain number problem into word sentences. You may not have noticed it but each number refers to an English sentence. For example, "9 + 21 = 30" could be changed as "Nine added with twenty-one is thirty." This could be good practice for both your arithmetic and grammar skills. Your mom and teachers will be glad!

Cool Monopoly

Children 9 to 10 years old must know Plus (+), Minus (-), Multiply (x) and Divide (รท) equations on higher numbers. Monopoly is a fun game to practice solving high numbers. It will also show you the value of money and lessons on ownership. It is an enjoyable game because you get to become a grown-up too! You buy your own house! You buy your own hotel. You earn a lot of money! You and your friends are sure to love this game! No matter what your age, you will certainly grow up a bright star by playing these cool brain games for kids. If you always play these games, I am sure your parents and teachers will be very happy with you!

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