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Cartoon Jokes Bring Smiles To Every Face

You might start to feel sad a lot of times.

Cartoon Jokes bring a smile and remove the sadness, read a cartoon joke for fun. You would keep laughing about the silly things shown, forgetting all about your sadness. You can read a nice comic book or watch your favorite cartoon show on television.

The world of cartoons is filled with several characters that we all know and love. It always makes us feel good about ourselves when they do funny stuff and makes us feel a lot better again.

You can find funny cartoon jokes at the comic section of the newspaper. There is no better way to wake up in the morning than to take your bowl of cereal and enjoy the morning newspaper cartoons. If you like food, you can enjoy your meals even better with Garfield telling you how much he loves it. Dog lovers could dress up their dogs like Snoopy and pretend that their dogs are attorneys. The comics can give you new ideas to have fun with your pets. You can also thank cartoons for making you look at household stuff in a new way.

Do you see a can lying around? You can easily read B.C. and see a picture of a huge can that was used to store dinosaur meat in the prehistoric times. Hey, I wonder what it would taste like today, lots of protein there. If you spot some pots and pans, the strip of Wizard Of Id where the wizard's wife throws a pan at him to turn him into a frog would make you laugh. If you are just feeling too tired and restless, you can chuckle at the idea of Hagar. Hagar is a viking who raids castles and fights huge battles all year but is too lazy to get off his own bed. You can even show the Hagar strip to your parents asking them to let you off from school for the day.

Once you are done with comics, (yeah, they can be a bit boring at times) you can always switch on your television to see the best of cartoon jokes from your favorite characters. From the Disney Gang to the never ending antiques of Dexter, the laughs will never stop. You can keep smiling at poor Samurai Jack trying to do heroics or watch Tom and Jerry try to outrun each other with swords and cannons. It is a treat for both the mind and the heart. Did I mention it is also the best way to start off any Saturday morning?

If you have a computer, the world of cartoons can be even closer to your hands. You can go to several funny websites and see printed comics on your screen. You can watch videos of all the missed episodes of your favorite cartoon show. If you really love a show, you can find out more information about the upcoming episodes from the site. You can even order fun stuff from your favorite cartoons in your own home and keep them with you at all times. The world might keep getting sad, but as long as you have cartoon jokes with you, your smile will never end.

Cartoon Jokes—Can Turn That Frown Upside Down!

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Funny cartoons are a great way to laugh and bring more happiness into your life. Laughter is contagious and so is clean humor found at

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