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Drawings of Scorpions, Spiders and Creepy Things

drawings of scorpions and spiders Drawings of Scorpions

Scorpions can be little darlings or they can be little venomous monsters out to kill on the slightest provocation. One of the really poisonous ones are called "Deathstalkers" which you will find in Mexico - don't bother going there to find out, take my word for it or go to Wiki. With a name like deathstalker they can't be little darlings unless they are dressed in Gucci clothing which makes them even more dangerous.

Some folk like to keep them as pets (possible as a deterrent against intruders) but they aint exactly cuddly creatures and they are not too fond of humans. I guess they can be trained to do all sorts of tricks like any animal - a carrot and stick does the trick. Pavlov as you may remember used to train dogs to pee on the sound of a bell ringing and other stimulous-response things. Perhaps scorpions can be trained to sting only on command?

These unlovable critters assess the size of their prey for the amount of venom they spray, humans get the maximum amount being their biggest predator. So rather get a cobra as a pet, at least he will be visible and not hide in your side pocket ready to prick you with noxious stuff as you put your hand there.

Some of the experts say they do not kill many humans. Ha! then why do so many Mexicans die every year from their venomous strike? Some of these big bruisers are up to eight inches long - that's a helluva sting compared to the average small scorpion size of about one to two inches!

drawing scorpions

So why do you want to see these drawings of scorpions? I can draw an even more venomous creature that spits deadly stuff over hundreds of yards to land on a dime. (like a scorpion on steroids) You'll get paralyzed within 30 seconds as all your nervous system shuts down...really awful way to die. Let me know if you'd like to see some of these super-scary-scorpions, it is always a pleasure to draw these monsters.

There are a few rules you have to consider before going to your local pet store to pick up a giant scorpion. Don't use it to scare your family or friends, grandpa may have a heart attack. Don't let it sleep in your pockets or bed, these creatures have a horrible habit of stinging in their dreams. Any sudden movement will instantly raise their tail for a sting. Keep them away from your other pets, scorpions don't get on very well with cats or dogs - and you cat may well have a nice scorpio feast.

If you like drawings of scorpions send me your creative artwork and I will publish it here on this page with your name.

Here are those Drawings of Scorpions and Spiders

drawings of scorpions

drawings of scorpions

drawings of scorpions

drawings of scorpions

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drawings of scorpions


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