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Ever Laughing Incidents of My Family Life

by Bharat

When my son was three years old, I took him to his kindergarten class on his first day. His mother had given him his choice lunch in a Tiffin box. I admitted him in the class and introduced to his teacher. She patted the boy and told him that the class will be all play and after awhile he can go home.

I took leave of the teacher and told my son I will fetch him later. Immediately my son said, "Wait dad, I'll finish my lunch and come with you now."

There were many other parents also who had also come to admit their kids. On hearing my son's comments, everybody including the teacher broke into a laugh.

When I narrated this in my house, my wife and parents laughed and even now, they remember the incident and makes them happy.

When my son began to learn cycling, he approached a repair shop with his bicycle for some minor repair. There was a sign board displaying that services for two-wheelers are undertaken. The shop owner told my son that this workshop was for two-wheelers only; asked him to go elsewhere for his need. Immediately my son, asked the owner to count the wheels of his cycle.

The next day the workshop owner, a neighbor, came home and narrated this incident in a complaining manner. Even while narrating, he began laughing and it aroused laughter among all our family and friends.

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