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Free Internet Club for Kids

by Jerry Reed

I would love to see a free internet club for kids or one at a low price. I think kids should be able to play games and chat. Parents should be notified if they want to have pre-selected sentences or a regular chat that can pick up bad words.

You should decide on what age group you would like to target for your kids. Also I would encourage a wide variety of content. Although this could amount to a bit more amount of time it will pay off because many different kinds of kids will be attracted.

One thing to keep in mind is kids like being rewarded for what they do constantly. No, this does not mean money it just means maybe you can make up a currency for your web site that can be used to unlock things - another thing kids like simple. An easy to use menu/interface would be very beneficial.

Back to rewarding, one thing to consider would be having things that could only be unlocked by money from the parents. This could generate extra income not needed but could work. Also kids should be able to become friends, however for safety, when parents register their child they should choose if they want be able to accept or reject their child's friend request via e-mail. Of course also allow the recipient to accept or reject. Events on the site should be a "must have" this creates an extra reason for the child to visit that day. Unlockables could be given out or something to come to the site. The idea of this could become an application for phones. A low fee like .99 or 1.99 could be offered for the app. one major problem would be coding.

That issue I can not lend a hand on because that is what has stopped me from making an app. note mac needed and a 99$ fee for producing an app. back to the website.

A good site will catch on, be patient and stick to it. Also have fun. these will all factor in to the final result.

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