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Fun Club for Girls

by Adriana

An idea my eleven year old came up with would be a club for girls only; a virtual slumber party where they would be able to have a slumber party without leaving their homes.

Games that can be played by multiple players through their avatars while still being able to carry on conversations with each other; consisting of things that are normally done at slumber parties but on a computer.

Each girl would have a bedroom that could be fully decorated by furniture and decorations of their choice. They would be able to visit each other’s rooms as long as they were on each other’s friend list. Once entering a bedroom you would be able to click on an avatar and be given a list of options as to what you would like to do. This would include pillow fights, make-over, paint nails and other things that might be done at a slumber party.

Since this is supposed to be a club, there should be a meeting place that all avatars could go to and meet other girls. It should be a place that is secret to only the members of the club. Each member should be given a slumber party pack on joining to help them get started but each member will be given different items so that no one would be identical. This way they have their own unique style during slumber parties but should have the option to be able to obtain new items along the way. This would be a great way for kids to hang out and make new friends while being able to play a few games along the way.

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