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Funny Bloopers And How They Make Us Laugh

funny bloopers

So what's with harmless funny bloopers?
Mistakes can be really, really fun. I'm not talking about a serious fault but harmless and funny bloopers that make us realize nothing can be predicted. You might be an expert bike rider, but fall down while showing the simplest of tricks to a friend. It does not reveal your weakness in any way, just showing a common mistake.

Well. bloopers can be embarrassing
Bloopers happen with people all over the world, ranging from funny to embarrassing categories. They could also include funny pictures, videos and sounds that look and mean two completely different things. Most of them would make you fall of your couch with laughter. If you love humor and jokes, look at the bloopers made all over the world. These funny bloopers would keep you laughing for hours.

A most unlikely place
News and news casting is usually a serious professional affair. Reporters and news readers work day and night in order to bring the news from all over the world. It seems one of the most unlikely places for a mistake but has its own share of really funny bloopers.

Don't interrupt the news coverage
There are instances when reporters have chased crowds like an angry bull for interrupting their coverage. News readers have fumbled from time to time with the simplest of descriptions. Anchors have fought with reporters regarding useless things ranging from the color of their clothes to the brand of microphone used. Weather men have jumped and screamed live while delivering the report because a cockroach crawled up their legs. People delivering live reports have stood under a tree to have things fall on them while many have been pelted with everything from snowflakes to a rubber duck. The list is endless and just as funny.

Making movie bloopers
Movies are supposed to make us laugh, cry and feel good about ourselves. What happens if the movies behind the scenes footage are filled with hilarious bloopers. Actors have slipped and fallen flat on their face during a romantic proposal scene. Cameramen have mistakenly captured the wrong angle focusing on the streets rather than the actor. Stars have foul mouthed everyone from the scriptwriter to their pet dog without realizing the camera was on. There have been fashion disasters and technical people have ruined scenes because of their incompetence in holding the wrong lights or forgetting to take the lens cover of the camera. What we see in the end is a polished product, but somewhere in the middle likes a lot of sweat, tears, laughs and some of the funniest excuses given to save jobs.

A sporting blooper
Bloopers are not only restricted to television and stars. Sports has seen stuff like two men of the same team colliding and taking each other out allowing opposition to score. Managers and coaches have practiced everything from swearing to the voodoo dance in frustration. After match parties have resulted in drunken fights to embarrassing shower pics all leaked out to the public. In the end, we should not consider ourselves better than celebrities. People have been found doing funny bloopers on a daily basis from falling of skateboards to including reference letters from their own mothers in resumes. The world is truly a comedy of errors.

Funny Bloopers—Can Turn That Frown Upside Down!

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funny bloopers

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