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Funny Kittens Make The Day Go Puurfectly Well

Funny Kittens to Perk up your day!

funny kittens

What's so funny about kittens? Everything! Funny kittens can make your day better no matter how you feel. Kittens make you laugh whether they are happy, angry, hungry or just completely lazy. They sleep in the strangest places, get into weird situations that only they seem to do, and get cuter the 'chubbier' they get! Here are some great kitty stories that will surely make your day!

Mr. Big Fat Cat took a trip to the vet and got on the train with his owner. Everyone in the train looked at him and smiled as he watched the outside world moving so fast and enjoyed every minute of it, although that's not why they were looking at him. At the vet, he was weighed and his big furry butt tipped the scales at 23.1 lbs! Now that's a really big fat cat!

Sleepy-Dee and Sleepy Dum are two kitty friends that are so lazy and so sleepy, they can't feel their owner putting a bunch of things on them! Cats are usually lazy, but these two were so lazy that nothing could disturb their sleep! It's so funny how one cat won't move after you put a mobile phone, some tape, flowers and even a deck of cards on him, but it becomes ten times funnier when his buddy next to him can't feel anything either! Two funny cats covered with gum, an apple, sunscreen and glasses too and still fast asleep, it' a classic!

Mr. Whiskers is so tired from working; he sleeps right next to a mouse! It's true! Now by working (I mean his owner was working), and by mouse I mean the computer mouse. Just another example of cats finding the oddest places to fall asleep and this one decided that the work was so boring, he'd fall asleep right on the job and hug the mouse so no more work could get done! That or he's jealous of all the time his owners spending on the computer, he wants to be played with!

funny kittens

Han the cat goes where no kitty wants to ever go, inside the toilet! Good thing this one is not installed yet. Another cat in another awkward situation, how do they do it? Funny kittens seem to be magnets to funny places, and Han is no different! While renovating the bathroom, Han decided to relax in the toilet like it was a mini cat tub and a perfect one since there's no water in it. Now that the toilet is installed the seat should always stays down.

Rusty can't make a decision on regular or decaf, so he chooses both! Don't worry, Rusty isn't drinking coffee, that would take away his nap time and cats love their nap time! Rusty is deciding where to sleep! We've seen many funny kittens resting on or standing on two places at the same time, buy Rusty sure makes it interesting by sleeping on two coffee makers.

Now this is a real tickle to the funny bone - cats are to known to climb, crawl or squeeze into funny places, but ever seen a cat in a box? This cat is in a box and looks good in it too, must be the diet soda!

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