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How To Draw Cars in easy steps for Kids

how to draw cars


Isn't it funny that you can learn how to draw cars that are fast, slow, sleek or even the clunkers. What kind of car would you like to draw? Don't you love those cars with loads of horsepower, like the Indy cars or perhaps you like the big monster trucks with those huge tires - monster trucks that can just about climb walls. It is a lot of fun to watch these big vehicles crush those old clunkers.

Maybe you prefer a more sedate hybrid vehicle to draw? A solar powered car with sleek lines and a large panel to absorb the suns rays, a car that can travel forever when the sun is shining but by nighfall you can only coast downhill?

Then you see one of those goofy cars you'd like to draw which is basically a chicken on wheels or even a large shoe with some zany character driving who is as batty as his car.

What a turn-on it is for a lot of guys to hear their car's exhaust giving a throaty roar, somehow giving a feeling of power as the young driver goes through the gears, the engine whines as it hits 7,000 rpm and the car surges forward. Lets draw some of these cars in simplistic ways first and then graduate further with more sophisticated car shapes.

Okay. The first stage is to be able to draw rectangles and squares freehand. All types of cars can be drawn using these basic shapes. Next practice drawing oval shapes similar to eggs and finally try your hand at drawing triangles. Practice drawing these three basic shapes for about ten - fifteen minutes on pieces of scrap paper.

Now you have gained a bit of confidence let's take a peek at perspective. Don't back off now, perspective is easy to understand and you need to know these basics if you want to know how to draw cars. To make your cars look real you have to give them a 3D look (three dimensional look) which means it must appear to have sides and a back as if you can walk around it and see the other side. Two dimensional means it is a flat drawing like a piece of paper.

how to draw cars

Step One
You start off by drawing squares, rectangles, ovals and triangles as shown in these illustrations here. Practice a few times until you feel you can do it without thinking!





how to draw cars the easy way

Step Two
As shown here, draw these two rectangular shapes one atop the other. We are going to start off with a basic side view of a car, no perspective necessary until later as this is just a flat 2D image. Make these elongated rectangles as shown here.


how to draw cars the easy way

Step Three
Using straight lines draw in these lines as shown here. The front of the car, the windshield, is facing right.

how to draw cars the easy way

Step Four
Although not vital at this stage, it might help you get a better visual effect if you erase the lines as shown here which helps you get a feel that it is beginning to look like a car.




how to draw cars the easy way

Step Five
Get out your compass and place the point on the line as you can see here, then draw your circle about this size. Next draw a line across the bottom where the rubber will eventually meet the road.



how to draw cars the easy way

Step Six
Now draw two lines approximately in the middle and two inner circles for the tires. Erase the horizontal line that goes through the wheels.




how to draw cars the easy way

Step Seven
Now you have the basic template for a car, any of these dimensions can be changes to suit any styles, make them longer, shorter, fatter or more rounded. There are more lessons coming on how to draw cars, all types of cars - so stay tuned to this site.



how to draw cars the easy way

A little bit about perspective
Okay, lets describe what perspective is. Visualize how railway tracks vanish to a point in the distance which is always mostly on the horizon line (where the landscape meets the sky).

Everything you see in front of you has perspective, the books infront of you, your computer, your mouse pad - everything vanishes to a point. Example; look at a book in front of you on your desk or table, imagine two lines on each side of the book, now follow these imginary lines and you will see they converge (meet) in the distance. See examples of a railway track on the internet or this image here.

There's a lot more coming here on perspective in how to draw cars as you will want to draw and paint 3D images, not just the side view!

There is more on how to draw here in simple steps.



A Video on How To Draw Cars Here - and info on perspective

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