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Hypocrites and More Hypocrites in Washington While More Kids Suffer!

by Sheryl

The hypocrites in politics today are heard saying “America is the best at this, the best at that, the best at everything.” In actuality, we are becoming a third world country where the greedy rich are spending millions of dollars to get their candidates elected to positions of power so they can exclude their unfortunate fellow citizens from the benefits they give themselves.

Children are suffering, starving, and living homeless in this, the supposedly “best country in the world”, if we listen to their rhetoric. Right wing conservatives shout about big government and less government and how they want the government out of their lives. How many have torn up their Medicare cards or social security checks? None, of course.

The government needs to pass a law, and stick to it, that any person running for any office in the Federal government can only spend a certain amount of money, and, if donations are to be allowed, they cannot be donations from themselves, corporations, committees, foreigners or anyone other than an individual American citizen.

If they are millionaires or billionaires, which many of the incumbents and seated politicians are, then whatever they donate to their own campaign, an equal amount needs to be donated to a children’s charity.

These unfeeling, self-important, shallow officials take salaries of millions of dollars a year, an amount no one is really worth, while their fellow citizens are unemployed, losing their homes and hungry. Oh, but they’re “Christian” people, aren’t they? At least that’s what we keep hearing about……you know, how “Christian” they are.

I wonder what their Christ would think about their letting children starve while they pay to get themselves elected to public office so they can stop health care for children, keep their parents from being employed by sending jobs to foreign countries, and keeping every miserable cent they earn for themselves without a thought to people less fortunate than themselves.

If, indeed, there is a Judgment Day, as they are supposed to believe, I’d love to be there when they face judgment, and I hope they get what they deserve in the way of punishment because it sure doesn’t seem as if they’re getting here on Earth. That is, unless the American people get some guts and throw out the power-mad, hypocrites they keep electing to public office.

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Nov 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have to agree with your comments about these hypocrites. It is a well-written article with no punches pulled.

My personal opinion is that Obama and the Democrats are quite spineless, they have enough ammunition from all the crap they inherited from Bush and his cronies to blow them out the water!

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