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Indoor Toddler Activities: the most cost effective!

indoor toddler activities

Immense energy, creativity and constant motion are some of the words that actually describe a toddler. They are forever on the move and nothing holds their interest for more than 30 seconds, if you are lucky, you might actually get a full minute. They love to play and spend time outdoors, because they get to run around squealing like banshees, as they release their pent up energy and exercise their vocal chords! So, summertime is quite a good time for parents, because their toddlers are outside most of the time and they sleep well after a day's play and fun.

indoor toddler activities

However, the main problem with keeping a toddler busy occurs on rainy days and in the winter. The weather does not permit your toddler time to play outside and your toddler's restless nature does not let you sit in peace inside! Quite a paradox! This is the time when parents search the Internet or buy books on how to keep their toddlers busy using indoor toddler activities. Some even go to the extent of buying their little ones expensive new toys, which usually end up broken in a day or two! So, if you are facing the same dilemma, then you need to think outside of the box! There are many activities that won't break the bank, and they will keep your little bundle of energy satisfied.

According to research, most toddlers brain development takes place between 1 to 5 years of age. So this is the time your toddler needs an abundance of creative activities that help their brain to develop and grow. This is also the time when their imagination develops, so games like pretend play and other imaginative activities help in enhancing the process.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep your toddler busy indoors without them resorting to non-imaginative methods like watching television or throwing a tantrum!

Bowling: Toddlers love games which make a lot of noise and have some element of demolition in them. Bowling is perfect on this count. Almost every one has empty soda bottles tucked away some where. All you need to do is to line up the bottles and use a rubber ball and hey presto, a bowling alley is created! This game will keep your toddler busy for hours together and give you a lot of breathing space!

Castle/tent/fort: What do toddlers love the most?
Their own personal space! No wonder, they love tents and their own play houses. You can drape a bed sheet on a chair and make a tent. Add some pillows and blankets and let your toddler read or even sleep in the tent while you work around (be sure to keep an eye on the tent).

Mountains: Children love climbing.
However, most of us don't really have a hillock in our neighborhood! However, you can still make a mountain out of nothing. Pile up all the pillows and add some blankets and cushions as well. Just remember that your mountain is away from all the sharp edges and let your toddler train to be the next Sir Edmund Hillary!

These are just some a few of the indoor toddler activities that will keep your toddler busy for hours! You can make up anything you like...all you need is your imagination!

Indoor Toddler Activities—They'll Love You For It

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