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Kids Cartoons, so many funny characters, so many laughs!

What fun we can all have watching these hilarious characters getting up to all sorts of screwball tricks, being scornful to their mates but mostly in fun; the younger kids fantasizing wizards as in Harry Potter and heroes with superpowers, talking cats and dogs (hey, I love those too) and those creepy aliens from Mars.

Well, what does float a kid's boat? This depends on what your kids like, right? The older kids may well like collecting bugs, studying their habits and their life cycles. Others may find bug collecting yucky but not in dissecting frogs for their biology class. Perhaps they'd like to make animated cartoons and land a job with Stephen Spielberg?

Kids are inquisitive of all things current and hot. What's hot right now in fashion for youngsters? What is the coolest electronic gadget? What is cool in kids cartoons? If you haven't got a 'cool' skateboard, inline rollers or 'Heelies' you are not in with the crowd and it aint sometimes good to be a loner. Kids know all this stuff long before their parents and can educate them on anything that is current.

In these animated kids cartoons (they go down well with adults too) the kids get to know the storyline very well whether the hero is a good person or bad, the problems the hero has to overcome, how can he solve these problems and can he overcome the antagonist who is really evil and devious? See the cartoon movie "The Incredibles"? Kids know the heroes will have a good idea of how to handle themselves with the antagonists hot on their heels and this makes for an interesting cartoon rather than a boring one.

Some great movie cartoons for kids
Looney Tunes is considered to be one of the best long-running kids cartoons today although kid's have told me "It is not really cool anymore, it gets a bit boring!" And parents will claim it is far too violent.

Young children love those cartoons that let them see and explore through the animated world of fun, games and laughter. The Muppet cartoons are one of those involving the child's imagination to create their own fantasy world, full of appealing games, getting great delight from the interactions of the characters, the color, movement of the characters and sometimes their potty behavior.

There are certain cartoon movies and TV shows that are NOT suitable for children at all. South Park is one of them, another is Family Guy and that is why they are on late. If there are other kids cartoons your youngsters should not watch please drop me a line and I will add here any cartoons that are not suitable.

You will discover a mountain of truly great cartoons for youngsters and adults alike. If you Google in "cartoons for young kids" or "family cartoons" or something similar you'll find lots to please your young children.

Below there are several video cartoons for children ranging from 4 years thru to about 8.

Kids Cartoons For Discovering the Magic in Family Fun

The Rhino Cartoon For Toddlers

The Cartoon For Toddlers To Enjoy

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kids cartoons

Indoor Party Games for kids are very rewarding to create for this new generation of youngsters.

Birthday party games can be a real hoot for the very young especially hiding thing similar to the Easter Egg hunt.

This age group just love to dress up with fancy clothes and makeup—so there is no limit to what you can create!

Go to this page to get a few ideas.

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