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Kids in War Torn Countries

by Bill Morris

We can’t even end hunger in one country, let alone the world, but somehow find millions of dollars to pay for endless wars, weapons contracts, and political smear campaigns to make the other candidate look like the Antichrist.

Wake up! If even half of those dollars went to meal and nutrition programs, we could end most of the world’s hunger issues flat out.

It makes me sick to think that these funds have been literally squandered on the richest 1%, and it should make you sick too.

Every year, farmers throw out potatoes and corn that are spoiling in their fields because while they get a fat subsidy to grow the stuff, they can’t find buyers for all of it. Meanwhile, kids in war torn, third world countries are starving, sick and dying because clean water and a nutritious meal just isn’t a priority for anyone in power.

Many of these children would literally kill for a fistful of rotting peas, and we have acres of them just sitting there half a world away. This is insanity. The food is already grown, it won’t profit anyone by being sold because of a glutted market, and yet nobody has the pocket change to get it where it might be needed most.

What can be done is simple. If you ever contributed to political campaign, consider donating to an organization that feeds and shelters children instead. Trust me, your governor/ mayor/ president/ White House pet candidate is probably getting major funding from some greedy corporation hoping for a favor later on down the line.

Your money is better spent helping a child in need. Sure, you won’t get the warm, fuzzy feeling of watching your boy or girl in Washington go back on every promise he made while on the campaign trail, but you will at least get the small satisfaction that you saved another human being’s life.

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