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Kids Music Videos to Dance and Sing With all Day Long


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The World of Kids Music Videos

Kids music videos, singing games and musical learning activities are not the same as adults. Kids have their own world when it comes to music, song and play and it's definitely a lot more fun than a grownups world! That's why being a kid and being around kids is such a joy! With lots of music it's a great time for everyone in the family.

Kids and their love of music started way before High School Musicals (but its movies like HSM that make music and singing even more FUN FUN FUN). Ever seen a baby laughing and jumping around once the music starts? It's because we all have music in our soul, babies, kids, moms, dads and even grandma and grandpa. Sometimes, when we become old we forget a bit about music and that's sad, but there are many things we can do to kick start our musical soul and make it a part of our everyday life.

Many kids music videos that you find online are just kids playing in their own rooms. They are singing, playing the piano, playing the guitar or even the drums. Some of those kids are so good, they become famous! Adults are not the only ones who can be stars, some of those kids on the internet are just a few years old! So anyone can do it, it just takes practice, love of music and some fun learning activities.

If you go online you can find many kid music sheets with simple songs to start with. You can find common songs like happy birthday, Old MacDonald had a farm, rain rain go away, row row row your boat and many more. With these music sheets you can learn how to play some basic keys on the piano, violin, guitar or other instruments. If you want to make your own music you can even learn to play a tune with homemade instruments like water filled bottles! How you ask?

Bottles that have water in them make a sound when you tap with something like a spoon. If there is a little water, the sound will be different than if there is a lot of water. It's a lot of fun and moms and dads can help make some music together.

If you want, you can also start your own band with all your own home made instruments! You just need an empty can of soda, some uncooked rice and beans, tape, paper and glue for decorations and cling clang cling, another instrument! These kinds of music activities for kids can inspire them to be creative with music.

Kids music videos are not just about pop and dance, some are also light, smooth and lovely songs from the old days. Classic music for kids is especially popular when learning the piano, but it can be played with most instruments, drums not included!

Kids music videos—Will Get Your Feet Tappin' and You Singing!

A cool kids music video here - for young children

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