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La Fleur Isolée

by Bryan Fong
(Manila, Philippines)

A lonely flower in a field,
Oblivious t’was destined to be.
Until another flower appeared,
And opened up his eyes for him to see.

He saw an angelic wonder,
A flower that shone from within.
And he was changed forever,
For in love with her he did fall in.

And yet he was too afraid,
Too scared of his feelings deep inside.
So he hid from the centre of his earth,
And each day hiding away from her he cried.

And when he turned back,
He had realized his folly too late.
For turn away from him she had,
And for what he did, him she did hate.

And away from him she stayed,
For her Sun was now not near he.
And everyday without her,
He was crying for all to see.

Ignoring the Sun that fed him,
Ignoring the water he needed to live.
He wanted naught but her care,
But he missed his chance for her to willingly give.

But through the burns and rips,
That she did hurt him through.
He stayed there right behind her,
Even while the pain she gave him grew.

He would be faithful forever,
Always being there to catch her fall.
But still she turned from him in anger,
Still nothing he did for her could enthrall.
He had nothing to lose,
Already he was losing time.
So he told to her uncaring ears,
Of how bright his love for her did shine.

And hate him she did more,
And grow farther from him she did climb.
And the lonely flower started wilting,
Growing old from heartbreak way before his time.

Still bleeding and turning brown,
Leaves dying and starting to fall.
The lonely flower still fought to stay,
He had to be there for her through it all.

Now he was beyond all help,
Save that of whom he’d die for.
Yet forgive him she did not do,
And the lonely flower wilted faster and more, and more.

And then when no help came,
The lonely flower’s time was gone.
His life on Earth was ending fast,
He would never see his blessed dawn.

Crippled on the ground,
Feeling his life start to drain.
The lonely flower gave in and slept,
He slept through the endless pain.

At last at rest from the world,
The lonely flower had a last thought.
It was his fault and he loved her still,
And in the end the he had deserved what he had got.

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Sep 16, 2010
More poems by Fong
by: Mellanie

I would love to read more poems by Bryan Fong, it has a lot of feeling to it - and it could be made into a song!

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