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It's Laughter and I can't get enough of it!
Are you nervous about an assignment to be delivered in front of your whole class? Or are you feeling anxious about some upcoming event at your school, office or even home? All you need is a little laugh therapy. Benefits are not only limited to boosting your good health, but it may even enhance your psychological health and the way you think!

Spending a good giggle, not money
A single giggle is more valuable than loads of money and you don't have the fear of losing it. As you smile, many others around you will do also—double your humor. No matter what you are laughing about, a hearty laugh can bring about a wonderful change in your entire personality.

How about a great joke?
Laugh at funny quotes, jokes, anecdotes, pranks or some good old sitcoms. In a nutshell, you should induce a dose of merriment in your life. This can be your mantra of good health and happiness.

Pop the accumulated stress
Every person in the state of stress has tried to sink the boat carrying these health benefits. However, stress is prone to extinction with a giggle, smile or a loud laugh. A fake smile in the situation of stress may enhance the feel-good hormones inside your body so that the excessive amount of stress is cleaned out one's mind.

Lots of laughter a day keeps the...
If your doctor has advised you to take a rest and consume those awful medicines, don't hesitate to break this rule to a limited extent. Watch a favorite cartoon film on TV or read funny jokes on this site or over the Internet. How can we forget that a guffaw, cackle or mirth is the best medicine and it is much more effective than any other medicine in the world? You can bid farewell to your illness and add a ventilator to your life for letting the cool breeze of healing enter your life for free.

Who wants a much longer life?
It is a general observation that when you see someone slipping on a banana peel (though, it may be you the next time) or a funny picture of a dancing cat, you consider yourself to be fortunate enough to witness these moments filled with humor. Thus, one of the most significant effects of humor is that it re-instates your wish to live a long life. All those, who are eligible candidates of spending life with a big smile on their faces, must reserve their space in the laughing world.

Wax a smile and you will find something to smile about!
Won't it be appropriate to end this chuckling class without spilling a laughter bomb. So, here is a famous quote to understand the back problem some fellow Americans have: More than ever before, Americans are suffering from back problems, back taxes, back rent, back auto payments...Ah well, that's life!

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