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My Advice and My Child, From Disaster to Success

by Jimmy Warez

I have only one son. When he was three years old, his mother past away. He is my world. When he was eight years old, I had given him this advice. The first one was not to tell lies. The second one was to be professional in his career and the last one was to do something for society - or pay it forward.

Fortunately, he developed a good personality and never told lies.I am so proud to say that he obeyed my first advice. But unfortunately, he was not interested in social activities and not at all conscious about a bright career for his future.

And so at school he inherited bad habits and bad events came all too often, and for me also. Here I am sad to say that he rejected my remaining advices. However when he became 21 years old, I couldn’t continue to meet his expenses because a serious illness caught up with me and I could not work.

Already I had spent as much as I could for his education. But it all came to zero. A few years later, he recognized that his father could not spend any more money on him, especially his expensive education.

Then he began to think seriously about his carrier because he understood that no one can always depend on other people and family. Very soon, he started to study seriously with little help from me. He worked all night in a restaurant to pay for his studies and to help meet home expenses. Now I’m very proud indeed to see him as an Aeronautics Engineer and a great social worker. He always says what I taught and advised him brought him this success.


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