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My happy wedding moment

by Roshini

This marriage proposal experience relates to me, Susan. I had finished my post graduation in Fashion Technology, and was looking for a job in the fashion industry.

One day my mother brought a marriage proposal to me. I refused it, but my mother forwarded the e-mail address to the proposed boy. He emailed mother asking whether I was interested in the proposal. She replied no, stating that I wanted a job first and later I will think about marriage. As his computer system was down, he could not get my mothers message.

My mother had invited him too meet me. She was really annoyed at the guy for coming with a specific date or time. She asked him casually whether he had got the message from her end. He stated that his system was down so he couldn’t open it. They talked to each other for a few minutes. He introduced himself as Arun.

The name of the proposed boy is Arun. He was quite witty and pleasant. After talking to him for a few minutes I liked him very much. When he went home he opened the computer and saw my message. He thought that I had rejected him and replied that if you don’t wish to continue, that would be alright.

I phoned him later in the evening .Then he asked whether I got his message to which I replied that as the system was down I could not open it. He told me that he had read my message. Both of us burst out laughing. Now we are happily married with a kid.

I am really happy with my life partner, and he is really a nice man. By the by, we are happy to submit our funniest story, and we are thrilled by it.


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