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Our Children Today Have Become Spectators

by Benardo Hooper

Today's children have become quite the spectator, from TV, sports, movies, online games, iPads and many other "watching things go by."

Now a spectator is someone who watches events as they unfold—or you could define them as bystanders. An antonym for a spectator is a participant or someone who gets involved.

There are limitless things kids can get involved with besides text messaging, TV and computer games.

Being a spectator does not auger well for your kids' future, so they must get involved with participating in their family life. Examples; helping with chores, washing the car, cleaning up their own rooms, cooking etc—read instead of watching TV, make a movie—yes, it really is not difficult so there is no excuse.

Your kids future is at stake to the degree you allow them to become a spectator!

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