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Printable Valentine Cards For Your Loved Ones

printable valentine cards


There are free printable Valentine Cards below - or you can make and print your own with these guidelines

One of the most precious and memorable gifts , which one can give your dearest love - apart from the accepted and taken- for- granted love and care given every single day-is to make sure that she gets a Valentine card , which is going to go down into her memory box as some of the things she holds really precious.

Valentine cards came into existence in the Victorian times, especially when they had plenty of hearts, flowers, cupids and lace, all over the face of the card. They had pictures of beautiful ladies blushing under a flowering tree, with a handsome man looking at them adoringly and worshiping them with his eyes, though his lips did not speak. The modern man may also be a bit chary about putting his thoughts into words, because hey, it is Sissy.

Oh yeah, who says so?
The modern man has one day when he can go all out and show that he has the romantic side added to his macho six-pack, especially when he goes out to get that perfect Valentine card for the lady in his life.

Sing Me A Love Song
You can get plenty of love cards and Valentine cards out there, but she is going to be absolutely thrilled to bits, when you make her a special Valentine card of your own. Hey, ladies can do this too, For Their Man. Just download, and seeing him/her a love song in your most beguiling baritone or tenor. Remember that Frankie blue eyes, and Elvis Presley are perennial favorites. Burn the disc, and go out and buy a Valentine card. Then attach the disc inside the card.

But if your voice is enough to make the neighbors call in the SPCA to put that poor animal out of its torment, download a number of her favorite love songs from the Internet, compile them together with interspersed loving messages between song, some coochy-coo-ing talk, which she understands and is going to get sentimental about when the both of you are old and grey together and you are done.

These Valentine cards need to be opened up together so remember to be there when she does the opening of the card, and then open up a bottle of wine, switch off the television and listen to the songs snuggled together in front of the fire with the lights turned down really low and the music and loving slow. And then take it from there; your imagination is the limit.

Make your own Valentine's Day card
This comes under a DIY project and even if you consider yourself to have 10 thumbs in something creative like this, all you need is a beautiful colorful ordinary card. Get some white lace, draw a heart and stick the white lace around the heart. Then stick a collage of all the pictures of you two together, with I love you messages written in Gold and silver Ink.

Open up the card and write Forever And Ever Thine, Darling o' Mine, and sign it off with your own pet name . These Valentine cards are definitely going to be love cards to preserve and cherish forever!

Printable Valentine Cards Here For Special People in Your Life

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printable valentine cards


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