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Short Funny Poems — How to Write Them

short funny poems

So what's your outlook?
More often than not, short funny poems come from same mundane things of the daily life. Generally it is nothing but the 'usual stuff' quoted with a comical touch. Your outlook can be silly, sarcastic, or you could simply state what is going on around in a witty style.

Look around you at everyday things
For instance look around. What do you see? A telephone? Carpet ? A lamp or a fan? Or maybe the very computer/laptop screen you must be in front of you right now! Ok, let us pick up one of these objects and see what we can do with it.

Let's look at rhyming
Let us take for example your computer. Now, take out a piece of paper and write some rhyming words. You could use words rhyming with the word 'computer' or other random set of rhyming words. For this example let us try rhyming some words with 'computer'. Here are some that I could think up of: tutor, scooter, and looter.

short funny poems

Simple adjectives and verbs
Since here we are talking about Short Funny Poems, I would advise you to pick out only such rhyming words out of the lot that can be useful for adding the humorous touch to the poem. Your decision and choice of words would depend greatly on your creativity. Verbs and adjectives are generally very useful while writing poems. So try using them as far as possible.

Rhyming words in sentences
Once you are done with the selection of words, sit back and think how you could use each of these words in sentences that are humorous, while associating it with the object matter of the poem (like in our case it is the 'computer')

Go for the humor
For instance, the word 'tutor' can be dealt with from numerous angles, and various styles. You could call you computer 'smarter than your math tutor', or 'sexier than your gymnastic tutor', etc. While the first option sounds sensible, the second option is more of silly and hilarious. My suggestion would be, select the latter, since you want to write a funny poem and the second option can satisfy your cause better. Now, select the next rhyming word on your list and continue writing.



Here is an example of what you could do:

My favorite thing in the world is computer...

Sleek and stylish, it looks sexier than our gymnastic tutor...

It is easy to handle like a brand new scooter...
ands lets me download free stuff without being a looter!!

Simple isn't it?
One of the best things about short funny poems is that you need not always make complete sense. You can sound as absurd and brainless as you please, and can safely expect to win accolades too! Doesn't get better than this!

The importance of punctuation for effect
One thing that you must keep in mind is that when it cones to short funny poems, using the right punctuation is very important. Use exclamation marks wherever appropriate so that your intention to sound humorous is conveyed clearly. It's as important as the background music of a movie or a television show, where without the right effects, half the fun is lost!

Short Funny Poems - Learn How To Write Them

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short funny poems

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