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The Chocolate Thief

by TG

I was married in the year 2004 and I had my first and only baby boy in the year 2005. Since my childhood, I had always liked kids and that made my kid even more special for me. My boy was like me in appearance and hobbies. He was too fond of chocolates and sweets and the credit for spoiling him goes to me. Within no time, he started walking and will move around with his little steps in the house running behind his father and mother.

It was his third birthday and his uncle had come from Canada to wish him and present him with a gift. He gave him a tricycle and a box packed with colored wrapping paper. Nobody knew what was inside it and we decided to open it on his birthday which was still two weeks away. But my curious kid could not stop himself and he started eying the box which I had kept on the shelf which I thought, was beyond his reach.

On his birthday, we opened the box to see what was inside it and when it was opened there was nothing inside it. We were so confused and when we looked at him, we realized that he has done the trick. Then he revealed the whole mystery to us. He said that I realized that there was something of my interest in the box, so whenever I would find you out of the house, I would climb the shelf with the help of my friend.

My friend and I saw the box full of chocolates and we could not stop ourselves. We started removing the chocolates one by one and it took us exactly 9 days to empty that box. Hearing this, I could not stop myself from laughing because the little devil has done it so perfectly that I could not notice any crack or tear in the wrapping. When I asked him how he managed to open the packing without tearing it, he said,” Mama, look at my nails. They can do the work of a knife.”

The whole incidence is still in my mind and it makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

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