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The things I used to love about school

by Elina Westhuizen
(Western Province, RSA)

My pets, Carne and Mondo

My pets, Carne and Mondo

I thought when I decided to continue my education, I would start making more money and be able to accomplish more than possible with just a high school education. I had no idea that I would have to borrow thousands of dollars to complete my college education or have a hard time meeting my mortgage payments.

I thought I would be able to get a better paying job than what I had before I went to college. Sadly, I learned that wasn't true. The massive student loans added a financial burden I hadn't counted on. I used to love school, socializing with new people, learning new things, but now I find myself much further behind than I anticipated on in a lot of things, including my bills and my career advancement.

The things I used to love about school don't seem as much fun now that I'm out. My family thought I was pursuing a pipe dream and now I'm beginning to wonder if they weren't right. It's hard in this economy to think that school will make the difference it once did.

Some of the things I used to love about school are now things that I hate about school- without a college education, if you don't have the right techniques to land a job in a tough job market, you will not get the job. They don't teach you that in school. I sure wish they did!


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