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The West Virginia Situation

by Magdaleen

I live in southern WV and as in the rest of the US times are bad. So how can MY kids have fun when the situation is like the following.

Yesterday Nov 2 was election day. The campaign for Senator was very well talked about and very publicized. Following the death of Robert C Byrd someone had to take his place.

During this campaign so much money was spent on TV ads it was spoken of on CNN as well as FOX News.
Many may not know but WV in fact ranks #1 in the worst dental care in the US.

That's including adults as well as our children. John Raese spent close to 60 million dollars on this campaign and lost, the number for Joe Manchin I do not know, but it was predicted from the beginning that he would win.

We also have to consider every other state in the US that just had elections. Many many Americans do not have health insurance now, do you? Do you know anyone without? How many do you know that have no dental insurance and children?

Have you been to someones house and walked through their kitchen and notice there is really nothing there? Sure it may be that time of the week when they haven't been shopping, however have you noticed its always like that every time you stop by. Or when there is food its always an off brand? My oldest son is in head-start, when he eats lunch it is served "family style" meaning the children can go back and get as much of whatever they want. If Billy wants to eat 35 fish sticks then so be it. That may be the only thing Billy gets to eat that day.

Meanwhile our politicians such as Spike Maynard and John Raese are dining on the French Riviera eating a meal that could feed Billy's family for a week. Billy's dad is at work in the WV coal mines and his mom isn't working right now because she they have a 2 year old and daycare is more than she would even make so its cheaper not to.

She is grateful her mom stopped by with some dinner for them. Billy's dad will get paid Friday thank goodness. Soon hopefully they will have enough income to make it, yet the DHHR still tells them they make too much for any type of assistance. So...what is the answer to this situation. Some can say Billy's family can do better, some can say increase the pay of working class America, or blame it on the economy.

Whatever YOU say, the reason is obvious. A time has come when our leaders need to look at who they represent. Does your governor represent you? Do they represent you in the way you represent your child? Are they you? Are they your voice? Are they aware of your life? Probably not.

What would they say if you invited them over for some Hamburger Helper and Kool Aid? Would their agenda be full, would they take a second helping and then sit on the porch and talk?

The main reason our children are going hungry is because our leaders have no identity with us. They are not US. They are a breed of their own. Most inherited their money, and then bought their way to their seat, and never really know what their eating like us that night, their reason however is because someone else is cooking it for them.

If that same politician would spend a day with Billy, his family, and eat Hamburger Helper with them then maybe he would show some appreciation for us. One of the only ways this will ever happen is for all political parties to meet as one and address the problems of a nation that could literally kill us.

However they're too busy to focus on hungry children because they have to focus on bailing out banks with OUR tax dollars! Wonder if the bankers like Hamburger Helpers?

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