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These times are very sad for a lot of children

by Moira Mead

I have been following the political campaigns for years now. Truth of the matter is,every time I do, I find myself getting angrier and angrier at these people who sit on a podium and tell us about all this CHANGE they are gonna do for us, yet as they sit there, backed by millions of dollars in Campaign funds, there are babies in this world going unfed.

Seriously, does no one else see the problem with this? I am sure there are many others out there like myself.

Those of us who believe that the rich get richer, the poor, get poorer, and the starving are dying.

Meanwhile our politicians are sitting pretty in their suburban homes, brand new cars, and huge lump sums of money that's pretty much being handed to them. For what exactly? What does a campaign spend its money on? It is spent to gain more supporters, more votes, more salaries for others like themselves, who live in beautiful homes and drive cool little cars.

I know it sounds ridiculous when you are sitting here reading this, but I am not the first person to complain and bitch about it, there have been others before me, and I am more than sure there will be others after me.

My only real question I guess is, what are we going to do about it? I think that these people should be donating more than half of their campaign monies to some sort of Charity, who cares what it is, just give some of it to those who are so much less fortunate than they are like underprivileged kids and starving children. It only seems fair, but then again, who does what is fair these days? Not many! Sad days for American kids!

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