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Trivia Questions For Kids

trivia questions for kids

Some fun trivia questions for kids

If you are really interested in amusing historical facts and figures, you are going to be surprised at the amount of trivial stuff, which you can find in history. All of it is real; however, the books say otherwise.

Here are some great trivia questions for kids, along with the real explanations, that have not been interpreted correctly in history books!

Which Roman Emperor is supposed to have fiddled while Rome burned?

Julius Caesar
Augustus Caesar
Tiberius Caesar.

The answer is Nero. There is a twist in the tale here. The idea of "fiddling while Rome burned" is a way of saying, "let everything be destroyed, I could not care less." Nothing could be further away from the truth. Nero spent 3 days and 3 nights, with his Imperial guards, fighting against the fire. He threw open his granaries so that the people of Rome would not go hungry. He also threw open his gardens and Palace grounds so that the people could rest there. Then he sat in his room and did some fiddling, because he was too tired to go to sleep. There, you have it. Look at this careless Emperor, fiddling while Rome burned!

Potatoes and onions were supposed to be food for the aristocrats in 15th-century France.

Yes       No

You would be surprised at the answer. The answer is yes! A French botanist brought potatoes and onions over from Scotland, so that the common folk of France did not go hungry. They decided not to eat the humble potato and onions, because hey, these tubers and bulbs grew underground, along with other harmful imps and devils. So, he took an area of land and told everyone that he was cultivating potatoes and onions for the king and the queen and the rest of the aristocrats. He then asked the King to wear the flowers of the potatoes and onions as a fashionable buttonhole. The citizenry was so curious about what precious vegetable was being cultivated so secretly, and being guarded by Royal soldiers, that they decided to steal the potatoes and onions at night. That is what the botanist wanted! Since then, potatoes and onions have been a major part of French cuisine!

Why was Gallileo Gallilei punished by the church?

1.       He said that the earth moved around the sun.
2.       He said that the earth was round.
3.       He said that the moon moved around the earth.

Answer: One and three. These ideas were against the religious beliefs of that time, and that is why he had to get down on his knees in public and say that he was wrong. He did, and got up whispering, "I am right, all the same." (so there!) He was proven right with the findings of Copernicus and other astronomers, a couple of hundred years later.

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Polo originated in the West.

Yes       No

The answer is no. the original game Pulu has been played in Tibet on pony back for more than 1000 years. The Northwestern Frontier equivalent is Bazkashi when riders of 2 teams fought over a sheepskin, on horseback. The Huns also played these rough games on horseback, to make sure that the rider learned how to stay on the back of a horse properly, while he was being pushed, pulled, punched, scratched, beaten, and bitten by his opponents!

For horse racing fans; When was the first Kentucky Derby run?


The answer is 1875 when the Derby race was one mile and a half until 1896 when it was changed to 1.25 miles.

Okay, another trivia sports question: Who was the father of football?

Cobb Morley
Walter Camp
Eddie Cochems

If you check Wiki you will see the first two names listed as "The Father of Football" so there is a little variance there eh?

How deep is a fathom? This is an imperial measurment usually giving the depth of water.

600 ft
60 ft
6 ft

The answer is 6 feet.

black bear trivis question

What is the most common bear in the United States?

Black bear
Brown bear

Answer: Black bear. What would these black bears weigh? 50 lbs, 100 lbs, 200 lbs, 600 lbs? They usually weigh around 200 to 500 lbs. Would black bears eat a Mcdonald's burger? Probably not if there are enough berries, nuts or honey around. Failing that, they'll go for the burger.

Little know fact: Black bears are a little shy and would rather run away than attack you. They find food with their keen sense of smell, they are mainly vegetarian but will snacl ocassionally on a steak or dead animal. So when you are camping in black bear country, "Be Bear Aware!"

Trivia questions for kids are a great way of knowing your history, geography, and other amusing facts! So keep reading, and learning many new things with knowledge through trivia!

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