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Vampire Images To Give You The Creeps!

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To get the night going smoothly
Your average Joe Vampire has many friends who love to hang upside down in the rafters of your local church. In these vampire images below you will get an idea of what they look like. In fact, they can look like anything or anybody - even a beautiful lady.

They of course love a few pints of blood to get the night going smoothly and to support Joe Vampire on his nightly succulents. But these batty creatures are not to be treated lightly either. They are quite savage beasts and have no compunction about attacking you even for a small smidgen of blood.

Don't be fooled by Appearances
Know why? He can instantly change his appearance and become one of those ugly crows, so do not be fooled by appearances. If you hear a squawk outside your bedroom window and you see a yellowish beak and piercing eyes, know you could be the possible prey for Joe Vampire as the crow scoots back to Mr Joe giving him your coordinates. Mr Joe Vampire has a sophisticated GPS system.

If you get vibrations, it's too late!
Yes, they are evil in every sense of the word, they are not dead nor are they alive but they can certainly inflict hideous things on you with two fangs into your caratoid artery. You will go through this nightmarish window seeing things that you can't describe as Joe Vampire's innoculation takes it toll through your veins. You will feel vibrations, slow vibrations initially then it becomes a "death rattle" when you shake uncontrollably.

No, it is not a nightmare
You wake up and think it was just a nightmare. Ha! No way. You are now part of the vampire world and before long, all you have is a thirst for blood. Joe Vampire is looking down on you smiling knowing he has made another vampire for his army of bloodsuckers.

They could be with your next door neighbor
You've probably heard that these average run-of-the-mill Joe Vampires live in places like Transylvania, South America and other out-of-the-way places. Don't believe it. You can find them in New York City, LA or anywhere else including your home in rural areas. Seen any vampire movies lately? Well, you will know they can be found underground in NYC, in the sewers, the old dockside buildings or anywhere from dark to pitch black. Yeah, they can see in the dark.

Human blood for nourishment
As you know, the hunting season is in the dead of night. And what do they hunt for? Human blood for nourishment and to further their cause, to expand their army of evil creatures until mankind as we know it is extinguished. Of course Joe Vampire and his cronies will not disappear, they do not need blood at all, the blood sucking is only to propogate their kind to expand their cause.

There's no emotion or feeling, they're basically dead and alive!
So the actual blood sucking part in the movies is a myth, they do not need blood as they are basically like a ghost, no feeling, no emotion and only have the desire to prey on humankind. Their henchmen, those little critters that hang upside down, is another matter. They love blood and need it for nourishment otherwise they'd die within a week.

These could save your life
The best advice is not to take anything for granted, if you see a crow and its eyes are fixated on you, RUN! If not, all is okay. However do not be caught without a crucifix or a load of garlic, they could save your life. For more funny Vampiritic stuff see these vampire images and make some comments if you like - or send in some of your own vampire images or drawings, we'll publish them right here, especially if they are scary.

Here Are Those Vampire Images - Get To Know Them!

vampire images


vampire images


vampire images


Vampire Images


Vampire Images


Vampire Images


Vampire Images

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