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Why children are going hungry in America

by Mary Jo Merwe
(County Durham)

Why are children going hungry in America while politicians spend millions on election campaigns and then seem to go to another planet once elected?

This is best exampled by President Obama’s election campaign as he self described himself as a social reformer, an agent of change, and pledged he knew as an Afro American what it was to live and succeed in the United States despite so many social and economic inequities.

Recently President Obama advised the people of America that he was supporting his First Ladies campaign to reduce obesity in America, particularly among our children. He has suggested cuts to school lunch programs, to nutritional programs for Senior Citizens, the handicapped, and homeless, has suggested cuts to the Food Stamp Program, and the USDA Food Commodities Program to fulfill Mrs. Obama’s plan to reduce “weight” in America.

Do enough American’s have the facts regarding the “effects” of this economic meltdown to understand how foolish we, our Congress, our leaders, have become?

The press might advise us that homes are foreclosed but do we ask what happened to the families in those homes? Do we understand that in just 2010 that the number of homeless children has risen by 44% in America? Have we given up? Decided we can’t? Are we too depressed? Have we instead decided to seek relief in drugs or alcohol? Have we forgotten that compassion is the right brain speaking to the left and correlating data, finding common ground and making decisions?

How in the world did our right brain and our left brain in the US Senate ever decide to put FEMA under the now evident mismanagement of the Homeland Security Department? FEMA already could be dispatched to cities and towns devastated by this man made economic disaster.

But instead Mrs. Obama and her husband understand (?) and are putting unemployed and hungry Americans on a diet. How ridiculous!

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