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Yes, We Were All Kids Once

by Paulette Niemone

We liked to laugh and joke with our friends and snigger because it was only us who got the joke. We liked to play games and could entertain ourselves for hours with nothing more than a cardboard box and some sticky tape.

Our parents would look bemused when they heard our laughter and squeals of delight and could only shake their heads at how we could find our childish jokes so amusing. But we had imagination! Whatever happened to our imagination?

Kids, they have the originality to make most things possible, they can find the silliest of cartoons amusing, they enjoy family fun and like to involve everyone. They don't need the sun to shine, in their world, the sun always shines.

Rain, gray days, they don't exist to a child's mind, do you remember how that felt? When I hear my granddaughter giggling, its like the clock just got turned back and I can relive the moments that made my own childhood so enjoyable.

I never wanted to grow up, I never want her to grow up, I wish she could stay forever young, carefree and naive. The moral of the story is I guess, we were all young once, lets not lose sight of that, lets encourage our own kids to be footloose and fancy free, let them enjoy being children just like we did, lets not expect them to grow up too soon.

Let them continue to fill our houses and our hearts with their laughter and brighten up our days with their smiles. Yes, we were kids once, remember?

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