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A Big Variety of Kids Toys

by Joanna Thurlow
(Bewdley )

The variety of toys on the market today provide parents with a wide choice of gift giving ideas. The most popular toys on the market at this time have to be the video game consoles and the long list of games that can go with them.

These toys will ensure your child will be entertained for hours and many of the game consoles can be purchased in packages that will include at least one game.

While these are primarily for the older child, games for preschoolers are also available for these systems. For the really young child, large building blocks, similar to Lego brand ones, are on the market, They will keep the little one busy building. These blocks are good for children around 2 years of age. Kids also enjoy the little portable Etch A Sketch type products.

They can scribble and draw with them while they sit on the sofa and watch their favorite cartoon. What is nice about these also is that parents can use them as a teaching aid, showing the young child how to write their letters and number.

No one can count out the simple ball either. I have never met a child that did not like a ball. Parents can play a roll the ball game with the little ones or help the older ones get ready for their first baseball games.

The choice of toys is so vast but in the end most parents find that there is really just a select few that become lasting favorites. Barbie dolls for girls, with all their changes of clothes, is near the top of the list.

Hot Wheel type cars, with all their added accessories, for the young boys way up there too.

Play Doh is another all time favorite. It will give your child hours of endless fun, especially with all the extra items you can buy to go with it. Parents wanting to buy more educational items can find a large variety of electronic teaching aids on the market. I have found though that kids can become bored with them very fast.

These are the ones in which the screens are so small the kids can not enjoy them. Children like to be creative and the toys that allow them to be hands on seem to be the ones the kids want to play with.

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