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American Psycho

by Yule Westhuizen
(South Africa)

American Psycho is perhaps one of the best films I've ever seen. The acting was flawless, an important feature in a film whose subject is admittedly outrageous. The plight of a serial killer is difficult for anyone to swallow, but Christian Bale captures the character of Patrick Bateman, so much so that the viewer can identify with a person capable of carrying out even the most heinous crimes.

Dark humor dominates the true horror, and makes the film palatable and enjoyable for anyone able to look beyond the shock indicative of Bateman's exploits. With likable characters and some that irk even the most objective viewers, the film is engaging and interesting, making for a great viewing experience.

The employment of music and classic songs of the time period serve to pique the interests of the viewers, and the songs are made even more iconic, adding dynamic flow to scenes that remain favorites for countless people, even years later. Willem Dafoe performs as a naturally engaging detective, who tails Bateman but seems to miss the point more often than not.

This constant struggle between the two powerful men amounts to exciting and nerve-wracking scenes. Jared Leto also plays a wonderfully believable character, the archaic Wall Street yuppie, touting all those around him because he has money enough to prove his worth. American Psycho is great for any film-lover interested in dark comedy and horror.

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