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Great Kids Movies for Awesome Family Fun

by Cynthia Moretti

You see, sometimes like us parents, our kids get bored with their regular fun activities and seek new ways to have fun. I've thought a lot about how I can get my kids entertained while keeping them away from ice-cream, computer games and TV.

I also had the intention to entertain my kids in such ways that would also teach them something. So I decided to enjoy some quality time with them and the entire family with some recent kids’ movies.

After going through kids’ film reviews, I collected DVDs of two kids movies, Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland, which I thought my kids would have lots of fun from, and I was absolutely right. Both the movies became my kids’ alternative entertainment benefits.Here II would like to share my review of these two films with you.

Toy Story 3
Frankly, I haven’t watched the previous two versions of Toy Story, so can’t say how much better this one is than its previous versions; all I can say about this movie is it’s a wonderful kids movie of great entertainment. This movie has featured every kid’s favorite collections of toys, including Buzz and Woody--the primary characters in the movie. One day Andy plans to take Woody with him and intentionally puts the other toys in his attic. The next phase of the movie shows that they get put out on the curb mistakenly and finally reach at a daycare center. Then Woody tries to rescue his other toy friends, where some really exciting adventures at the daycare center were shown. The film ends up with happy reunion and beginning of a new life for the toy gang. I and my kids enjoyed this movie a lot and my rating of this movie is 4 out of 5.

Alice in Wonderland
I read the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland when I was in school, and now after so many years watching the film version of this tale was an awesome feeling. Directed by one of my favorite directors Tim Burton, this movie is a visually spectacular one. This is a perfect movie to introduce your kids to with a fun-filled film with lots of colors. I hope you would definitely enjoy watching this movie with your entire family.

When the next time your kids feel bored with their same old games and cartoons; to see them happy again just play one of these movies.

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